Airbus Holds LENR Workshop

Europe’s largest aerospace company Airbus Group (OTC: EADSF) takes low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) much more seriously than is widely thought. The aircraft manufacturer has been hosting an International Workshop on Anomalies in Hydrogen Loaded Metals for at least 11 years. The next is scheduled for October 15 and 16 in Toulouse, France.

The workshops purpose is to discuss hydrogen gas loading. Its website contains this description: “Hydrogen gas loading is a promising technology to reliably create thermal and nuclear anomalies.”

That sounds like a euphemism for LENR or cold fusion to me. The company that builds some of the largest and most luxurious passenger jets in the worlds is interested in LENR. Only 50 people can attend the workshop and entrance is restricted, participants will have to submit a scan of their passport which sounds as if they conduct a background check. It also costs 400 Euros ($444.42 US) to attend another attempt to keep out the riff raff.

Now what’s truly intriguing is that the Linked In Page of Jean-Francois Geneste whom E-cat World identifies as Vice President and Chief Scientist of Airbus Group Innovations contains this post:

“I made a major theoretical breakthrough in the field of “energy creation”. This will be presented at the 11th workshop on anomalies in hydrogen loaded metals which will be held next October in Airbus, Toulouse. What it basically consists in is a global theorization of energy creation which includes all known means up today, that they be chemical, nuclear fission or nuclear fusion. Against all expectations, it is proved that there is potential room for cold fusion or so in a breakthrough approach of building a “burner” and making a (new) fuel.”

That sounds as if Geneste is planning to unveil a new LENR process or theory at the Workshop. He also effectively dares the physics establishment to prove him wrong.

“As a consequence, even if the burden of proof remains to cold fusionists to experimentally prove, at least, they are right, on a theoretical point of view, I completely revert the burden of proof to orthodox physicists who now will have to prove the non-existence of cold fusion, if they can, since they have been claiming it for years if not decades,” Geneste wrote.

“The only way my theory leaves them, is to find a counter example to our theory. I sincerely think this will be very hard, the physical foundations being quite obvious and demanding less than orthodox physics itself.”

Interesting stuff folks it sounds as if there could be some real fireworks if Geneste does what he claims he will. One has to wonder else he has been up to. Stay tuned it sounds as if orthodox physics is about to have a very bumpy ride.

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