Brillouin Moving Forward

Brillouin Energy Corporation the Berkley California firm that is developing and testing a low energy nuclear reaction (LENR)  boiler with the respected SRI (formerly the Stanford Research Institute) research laboratory in California is moving forward. The company has totally revamped its website (this one actually appears to work) and announced some more information about itself and its team.

David Firshein the President of Cascade Capital Corporation a venture capital firm in Marin County California has joined Brillouin as a Chief Financial Officer. He’s had 25 years’ experience in venture capital and other areas of finance including mezzanine debt, revolving bank loans, private equity and equipment leases.

Mr. Firshein set up the first income lease fund in North America dedicated to funding environmental companies. That could be Brillouin’s business model it might lease LENR units to other companies. Brillouin has also entered its first international license agreement unfortunately the name of the licensee has not been revealed.

Jim Aldrige who has had a 35 year career in Silicon Valley has joined Brillouin as engineering manager and project leader. He’s worked with over 25 different technology companies and his specialty is directing complex engineering and marketing projects. He seems to have a had a lot of experience with robotics which could help with the manufacturing process.

The advisory board for Brillouin includes Michael C.H. McKubre the Director of SRI’s Energy Research Center. He was involved in the testing of Brillouin’s boiler and he was so enthusiastic about it that the joined the team. You might remember McKubre as one of the scientists that discussed and promoted LENR in the famous 60 Minutes Cold Fusion story back in 2009.

It is also interesting to note that Brillouin’s Chief Executive Robert  W. George II serves on the boards of directors of several companies. These include Equinox Investments LLC (which develops hotels), Evans, Hagen & Company (they seem to provide services to law firms), Strategic Communications Inc. (a public relations firm) and the Oklahoma Energy Corp (OKOK) which develops oil, gas and other energy projects. George also helped Denning Mobile Robotics (GARD) with an initial public offering (IPO). The company is now publicly traded on the NASDAQ a major stock market in the US.

This is exciting news folks because it means that Brillouin is led by people with real business experience that have access to the capital markets and real business contacts. I cannot think of any other LENR startups that have such business experience on their teams. Hopefully this will enable Brillouin to avoid some of the pitfalls that have plagued both Defkalion and Andrea Rossi’s Leonardo Corporation. It would also be nice to Brillouin join forces with competitors such as Jet Energy.

Something else that I really like about Brillouin is that we know who is actually behind it. There is no talk of shadowy investors and holding companies. Hopefully we’ll soon see more stable companies like Brillouin enter the field to give it some credibility.


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