Brillouin Signs Licensing Deal with Korean Firm

Brillouin Energy Corporation could begin manufacturing Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) devices by the end of 2014, the company’s CEO Robert W. George III told Sterling D. Allen of Pure Energy Systems. George also said his company has signed a “multimillion dollar licensing deal” with an unidentified firm in South Korea.

The Korean firm has already paid Brillouin $375,000 in cash as half of the down payment for the rights to manufacture its hot tube boiler technology, George reportedly said. The company is supposed to wire Brillouin another $375,000 within 90 days to cement the deal.

The deal reportedly signed just before Christmas will obligate Brillouin to give the mysterious client a set of plans for the hot tube device. The client would then build and test the devices before deciding what to do with them. George didn’t say what the client plans to do with the devices.

In the past George and the hot tube’s inventor Robert Godes have said their technology could be used to replace coal and other fossil fuel fired boilers in power plants. Godes has also talked about developing smaller devices for use in houses.

Brillouin is one of two companies that has said it will bring LENR devices to market in 2014. Andrea Rossi’s Leonardo Corporation is taking orders for its eCat LENR devices with a delivery date of next year.

Brillouin’s business model is different than Rossi’s, Rossi plans to manufacture the devices and sell them. Brillouin wants to license its technology to manufacturers. Instead of manufacturing, Brillouin will concentrate on research and development efforts for LENR technology. Brillouin is currently testing its devices in conjunction with Dr. Michael McKubre and the SRI International laboratory in California.

Brillouin is currently raising funds to finance the building of a working model of a hot tube boiler. The company also has a promise of $20 million in venture capital from Sunrise Securities Corp. That capital can only be used to retrofit an existing steam power plant for LENR operation. Brillouin will need to develop a working hot tube boiler in order to take advantage of that arrangement.

It looks like 2014 could be the year in which we see the first steps to the commercialization of LENR. Hopefully this news will attract more interest and venture capital to LENR.