CEO: Defkalion is Done with R&D and about to Commercialize Device

Defkalion CEO Alexander Xanthoulis was among the speakers at National Instruments’ NIWeek corporate conference in Austin, Texas this week. In his speech Xanthoulis said that his company was ahead of its competitors and ready to commercialize its Hyperion low energy nuclear reaction device.

“I am in a position to say that Defkalion has finished all the R&D about the reactor,” Xanthoulis said. He announced that Defkalion should have a device available in six months or by the end of the year.

Xanthoulis also confirmed the rumors that his company is moving its base of operations to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, because of the economic situation in Greece. He said the company will also maintain an office in Zurich, Switzerland.

He also said that Defaklion had developed a device that can generate power at a cost of less than half a cent. He didn’t specify what measurement of power that estimation was based upon.

Xanthoulis said his company was talking to potential buyers in 79 countries and that his company will license its technology to six licensees next year. He said he couldn’t name those licensees at this time.

Francesco Celani demonstrates his LENR device at NIWeek

Defkalion wasn’t the only LENR company at NI Week, Francesco Celani was present and he was demonstrating his LENR device. Xanthoulis appeared on a panel with Dr. Robert Duncan, Dr. Andrea Aparo, Dr. Akito Takahashi of Osaka University Frank Gordon of the US Navy’s SPAWAR (Space and Naval Warfare) systems Center and Dr. Michael McKubre of SRI International. Peter Hagelstein was apparently in the audience. I’ll try and have a full report on the panel sometime this weekend or early next week.

Gordon’s presence would seem to indicate that the rumors that SPAWAR has shut down its cold fusion research efforts are not true. Robert Godes of Brillouin was not present as rumors had indicated he might be. No representatives of Andrea Rossi’s Leonardo Corporation were present at the event either.