CNN Covers Cold Fusion Device

CNN International ran a short feature on Brilliant Light Power’s SunCell. Even though Brilliant Light refuses to use the words the SunCell sounds like a cold fusion or low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) device to me.

The video of the SunCell shown on CNN Newsroom on New Year’s Day looks a lot like the pictures of LENR devices. It is similar to the Andrea Rossi’s hot ecat and the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project’s glowstick units, shown online. The SunCell can supposedly keep a “coffee-cup sized version of the sun burning continuously” that sounds like fusion to me.

Brilliant Light’s CEO Randall Mills claims the SunCell converts hydrogen atoms from water molecules to a lower energy form. That also sounds like fusion to me. He claims that this creates dark matter through something called a hydrino.

“If Mills is right Quantum Mechanics is wrong,” a CNN host whom I could not identify rightly noted. Despite that Mills claims he has attracted tens of millions of dollars in investment and is ready to conduct field testing on the SunCell this year. If the SunCell works he plans to start marketing the device next year.

The SunCell will supposedly generate electricity with photovoltaic cells like those used in solar panels. That makes more sense to me, I think a steam or Stirling (hot air) engine would be more practical. He claims it will be able to replace the utility grid.

If Mills’ claims are true we’ll know if the SunCell is for real next year, although I’m skeptical. Mills’ comments make Andrea Rossi sound downright credible. Rossi at least admits his device is fusion.

Although one big question does come up here, is Mills right about dark matter? My guess is that he might be lying for one of four reasons:

1)   He does not know how the device works and is afraid to admit it.


2)   If he revealed the actual science, the process would be easy to replicate. Perhaps Mills hopes to throw off potential competitors by lying about the science.

3)   Mills is afraid to use the terms LENR or cold fusion; which have a very negative connotation in some circles.


4)   He’s violating somebody else’s patent and knows it. Possibly Mills is afraid that somebody like Rossi or Brillouin will hit him with a lawsuit if he reveals what he’s really doing.

There is also the possibility that Mills is merely a charlatan, if that is the case time will expose him. Hopefully Mills will have the guts to come out and admit this is LENR at some point. That would attract more attention and hopefully more funding to the field which is desperately needed.

Thanks to Hank Mills and company at e-cat world for pointing out the CNN International Video. Since I have to work for a living don’t have the time to sit around watching TV looking for fusion-related stories.


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  • katesisco says:

    Well. several U tube sites have been posting about an ‘energy wave’ and specifically HIGHER TRUTH channel about an excess of helium focused on Earth thru the sun.
    Do we have a ‘star wars’ focusing device in satellite orbit for solar energy collecting?
    is the transfer of one form of energy to another at the ‘magnetic reconnection points’ identified by a Utah professor and utilized by NASA the source?
    Is the ‘higher energy’ gas cloud identified by the Pioneer satellites responsible?
    Last by not least, is there a system object intruder? White dwarf the size of Earth? Brown dwarf the size of Jupiter?
    Is there the possibility of ‘magnetic refraction’ at work traversing across light years impinge upon Earth through comic alignments?
    least likely because it doesn’t exist: gravitational lensing?