Consortium of Cold Fusion Scientists Organized

A group of top scientists working on Cold Fusion have organized what they call a consortium of researchers dedicated to making Low Energy Nuclear Reaction Science a reality. The group called Cold Fusion Energy Inc or CFEI has apparently been around since 1995 but only incorporated this year.


The purpose of the group is a little fuzzy whether it is supposed to be a company or an organization of scientists is unclear. Its website states it will assist with the movement from research to marketing, which means the scientists might be trying to cash in or at least protect their patent rights. It is also seeking to form partnerships which could be licensing deals.

Peter L. Hagelstein

What is clear is that the group has some impressive scientific brainpower behind it. The website lists some big names including Francesco Piantelli partnered with Sergio Focardi on the basic research that Andrea Rossi’s e-cat is based upon. Also involved are Professor Peter L. Hagelstein a principal investigator in the Research Laboratory of Electronics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (better known as MIT), Xing Zhong Li PhD a Professor of Physics at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China, Dr. George H. Miley another professor at Tsinghua who is also a professor emeritus of nuclear engineering and electrical engineering at the University of Illinois.

Xing Zhong Li PhD

The site also lists Michael McKubre, Edmund Storms, Italy’s V. Violante, Francesco Celani, Pam Boss, Tadhiko Mizuno, A. Takahashi, J. Kasagi and Randell L. Mills as members. It does not say what their rolls in the organization will but dose note that Hagelstein, Xing, and Miley were scheduled to speak on behalf of the group at the World Green Energy Symposium being held in Philadelphia on October 19-21.

Dr. George H. Miley

Keith Owens a former staff member with Tampa Power who is described as a Pioneering Investigator in Cold Fusion and and LENR is listed as CFEI’s CEO. His e-mail is listed as the organization’s contact. Cold Fusion Energy Inc. is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the same city where Harvard University and MIT are located.

Keith Owens, CEO of Cold Fusion Energy Inc.

Its website contains a lot of good information including links to research agencies and material written by scientists. It also invites individuals to submit papers.


Another really useful resource is which contains links to almost every e-cat site on the web. If you’re looking for information it is probably there. This includes videos links to website and lots of news. Check it out the site also looks really good.

5 Responses to Consortium of Cold Fusion Scientists Organized

  • Tony Lampet says:

    I’m really disappointed that Steven B. Krivit is not going to be involved with Cold Fusion Energy, Inc. 🙂

  • Brad Arnold says:

    The best way to hold a group together (especially with individuals like these luminaries) is keep the mission of the association vague. Safe to say they are “pro” LENR.

  • Stefan says:

    The purpose is clear – to capitalize on their life investment once it is getting clear that LENR may lead to a new industrial revolution which may far exceed all previous advancements.

  • I bet that nobody can calculate fusion rates of the solar core, better than me.
    It is not important what was my CV but really import “How can I calculate the fusion in the center of the sun!”