Could Rossi’s Cold Fusion Be Used to Power Cars?

Tesla Electric Roadster

It is entirely possible that Andrea Rossi’s energy catalyzer cold fusion process could be used to power automobiles. Rossi himself speculated on this in a widely circulated You Tube interview with the Swedish magazine Ny Teknik. Rossi told Ny Teknik that it would not take long for E-cat to be used to power trains and ships but it powering cars would be more difficult.

It might not be that difficult to use E-cat to power cars because there are two potential methods of using an energy catalyzer to power a vehicle. The first is to use steam to run the vehicle directly. There were several successful steam cars in the early 20th Century including the Stanley Steamer and the Locomobile. The Stanley Steamer was so effective that it won land speed records and was even used as a race car. Observers at the time felt Stanley was superior to early gasoline powered cars but it was unable to compete with internal combustion engine cars like Ford.

It would not be hard to build something like the Stanley Steamer using an Energy Catalyzer as the power source. The catalyzers that Rossi has demonstrated would be small enough to fit into a vehicle. The question is would they generate enough steam to power a vehicle?

Another possibility would be to use the catalyzer to generate electricity for an electric car. Since the energy produced by the catalyzer is fairly cheap, Rossi estimates at around 2¢ to produce a kilowatt. It could be used to make electricity for a plug in electric like the Tesla.

It might also be possible to use E-cat as the power source for a hybrid. An advantage to using the E-cat is that the steam it generates could be used to heat a car in a cold climate. One drawback to electric cars is the power drain that heaters put on the battery. An E-cat powered vehicle could have all the heat it needs produced by the steam. Therefore it might not be long before steam cars are back on the road.

4 Responses to Could Rossi’s Cold Fusion Be Used to Power Cars?

  • jennifer says:

    Watch this space, there are rumblings coming out of Greece that indicate Dekfalion could be in negotiation with a company that wants to use e-cat to power cars and boats. Craig Cassrino of AmpEnergo told the Swedish magazine Ny Teknik that the US military could be interested in using e-cat to power vehicles on the battlefield. So it may be here sooner than we think.

  • John De Herrera says:

    Thank you Jennifer for the news of interest in using e-cat for auto and marine power. I will use my connections at Honda Corp. US to suggest a close look at e-cat for auto, motorcycle, and marine applications. Honda is always eager to try new technology.

  • cars says:

    impossible but cheap

    • jennifer says:

      What does impossible but cheap mean? Note it would be impossible to power an automobile using the device Rossi has demonstrated so far.