Dick Smith and his Million Dollar LENR Challenge

Australian millionaire Dick Smith is apparently still offering $1 million US (630,080 pound sterling in Britain or 753,920 Euros at current exchange rates) to anybody who can demonstrate cold fusion or low energy nuclear reaction. The self proclaimed skeptic’s challenge is still up even though both Andrea Rossi and Defkalion rejected it.

Smith has posted this statement on his blog:

“I am offering US$1 Million to any person or organization that can come up with a practical device that has an output of at least one kilowatt of useful energy through LENRs (low energy nuclear reactions)”

Dick Smith

He states that he will accept a statement from a “world authority in science” verifying the claim (note he doesn’t state what a world authority in science is) as proof he would accept. So in other words there are no scientific parameters for the “scientific test.” The organization could accept the reward or Smith will donate it to the Salvation Army in Australia or a similar organization on their behalf. He also states that he will publish a list of organizations that will accept for testing but so far he hasn’t published the list. This offer will remain in effect until January 2013.

If this is for real it could be exciting news because I’m sure that there are many people working on LENR out there in garages and elsewhere who could use that million dollars. Rossi and Defkalion turned his offer down because it would interfere in their business plans. Note since both Rossi and Defkalion appear to have lots of money the offer would make little difference to them. Of course anybody who really had working LENR could go to a big company or an investment banker for money so he or she wouldn’t need Dick Smith’s offer. A person could also approach US billionaire philanthropist Sidney Kimmel who is willing to donate real money for real LENR research by real scientists at a real university rather than silly challenges. 

Defkalion had asked Smith to sign a nondisclosure agreement to protect their trade secrets. He refused possibly to save himself the embarrassment of writing them a check.

So it’s hard to tell if Smith’s challenge is for real or not. According to Wikipedia Smith has a reputation for practical joking and stunts so this could be a stunt. In the early 1980s he staged a stunt involving towing an iceberg to Australia from Antarctica. So the challenge could be a joke.

The Wonderful World Of Dick Smith

Many of you might wonder who Dick Smith is anyway. I had never heard of him until this challenge business popped up. Apparently Smith is real famous Down Under in Oz (Australia) but not here in the USA or over in Europe.

Smith is an entrepreneur who made a lot of money running a chain of electronics stores in Australia. (Note they couldn’t compete here in America) He later sold out and started on a career in political activism. He also flew around the world in a helicopter at one time.

In 1999 Smith became worried that Campbell’s Soup was threatening Australia’s national security because it had bought an Australian company called Arnott’s Biscuits. So Smith started his own super market called Dick Smith’s Foods that only sells products made in Australia by Australian owned companies. This includes a brand of matches called Dickheads (I’m not kidding). Interestingly enough Dickheads were apparently made outside of Australia they’re now a collector’s item in Australia because they’re no longer made.

Smith sounds like an Australian version of nutty American billionaire Ted Turner. (Among other things Turner thinks it would be a good idea to reduce the world’s population to two billion people. Note he hasn’t said he would achieve it without Genocide) Just like Ted, Dick’s calling for population control and an end to endless economic growth. An end to economic growth for somebody else that is not Dick Smith he’s free to make millions and spend them on hobbies like helicopter jaunts across the globe. Though I’m not sure Smith has come out and endorsed the Chinese Communist Party’s barbaric one child policy like Turner has. Instead he’s questioning Australia’s rapid population growth.

The cynic in me has to wonder if Smith would be questioning Australia’s population growth if all the new immigrants moving to Australia had white skin, blonde hair and blue eyes. Maybe he’s nostalgic for the good old days of White Australia (when people of color couldn’t legally move to Oz). Oh yeah Smith also spent $60,000 of his own money to ensure a fair trial for David Hicks the Australian Taliban terrorist who was captured by the US military in Afghanistan and held at Guantanamo Bay Cuba for awhile. Apparently Dick has a soft spot for traitors that wage war on American and Australian soldiers.

I just have to wonder why a guy who hates the idea of unlimited economic growth (for others not himself) is financing a reward for the creator of LENR an energy source that could fuel such growth. Something just doesn’t add up here folks. I just hope somebody takes Smith upon his offer. I’d love to see him financing the very thing he hates.

9 Responses to Dick Smith and his Million Dollar LENR Challenge

  • M.Hat says:

    You said: “Note he hasn’t said he would achieve it without Genocide…” Referring to things that haven’t been said is a mug’s game. For example; you haven’t said you wouldn’t shoot your mother. If you want to say something, then say it plainly. If it can’t be said that way, it isn’t worth saying.

    • jennifer says:

      I don’t understand what you’re saying here. I was pointing out the logical end of Mr. Turner and Mr. Smith’s line of reasoning. Note by your reasoning Mr. Smith is playing a mug’s game when he dismisses Rossi as a fraud. PS what does Mug’s game mean? Us English speakers would like to know.

  • sophareth says:

    Nobody seems to like a $1M of Smith. Even
    Myself as a small researcher, his offer lets
    me indifferent.

    • jennifer says:

      Would you accept $1 million from somebody who would steal your trillion dollar patents?

  • psi says:

    Smith has zero credibility in my book, at least when it comes to LENR. He’s a publicity hound whose actual knowledge of the subjects on which he presumes to hold forth in public is apparently in inverse proportion to his appetite for publicity stunts. His behavior with respect to Andrea Rossi and Defkalion (I am not endorsing either as legitimate, although I am still partial at least to Rossi’s claims) was shameless.

  • Dave says:

    The fact that Rossi and Defkalion won’t take Dick Smith up on his $1 million challenge should be enough proof for correct-thinking people that none of them can do what they’ve claimed. It’s just like how all of those people who claim to have psychic powers won’t accept James Randi’s own $1 million challenge for anybody to demonstrate anything supernatural or paranormal under testing conditions.

    • jennifer says:

      The fact that Rossi and Defkalion didn’t take Mr. Smith up on his challenge only proves that they didn’t accept the challenge it proves nothing else. Note Defkalion actually tried to take Mr. Smith up on the challenge but he backed down. There’s a big difference here that I think you’re missing the phony psychics aren’t claiming to market a device. Rossi and Defkalion are. Sooner or later they will have to demonstrate their technology. Now let’s see if Mr. Smith goes to Brillouin. My guess is he’ll cop out on them too. I think you’re giving Mr. Smith some credibility. The Amazing Randi has real credibility in my book. He’s for real. I think Dick Smith is just a publicity hound. Smith is about as credible as the psychics.

  • quax says:

    Did you actually listen to the video you linked in this article before writing this hit piece?

    From the video is clear that Dick’s stance on population growth is very much driven by environmental concerns. Unlike his “wealthy mates” who are happy to continue the shale gas fracking excesses and dig up Alberta’s tar sands he does not subscribe to climate change denial.

    To go from there to paint him as a racist stretches credulity.

    It is one think to dislike’s this dude’s stance on LENR but it doesn’t justifies this exercise in character assassination.