First Book about Andrea Rossi and Ecat Published

The first major book about Andrea Rossi and his ecat low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) technology has been published. An Impossible Invention details Swedish journalist Mats Lewan’s investigation into Rossi and his cold fusion claims.

Lewan who has a master’s degree in engineering and physics became convinced of eCat’s authenticity after talking to Giuseppe Levi. Lewan started looking into ecat on behalf of Ny Teknik a Swedish technology newspaper that supposedly has 300,000 readers. That’s an impressive circulation figure for a publication in a country that has just nine million inhabitants – Sweden.

The first chapter of the book republished at this word press blog indicates tht Lewan was very suspicious of Rossi and his first ecat demonstration in October 2011. Lewan is well qualified to look into Rossi’s claims because he speaks Italian and his wife is Italian. He has also lived in the country in the past.

Lewan was promised to investigate further by the enthusiastic responses readers gave his early articles on the ecat. He describes a careful investigation into ecat in which he sought the help of Hanno Essen a theoretical physicist from the Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden’s equivalent of MIT). Lewan is a graduate of the Royal Institute. Essen was also the president of the Swedish Skeptics Society. Essen thought the work was interesting.

Mats Lewan courtesy Ecat World

Essen has since become an outspoken supporter of Rossi. Essen was one of the professors who signed off on the controversial hot ecat test last march.

That prompted Lewan to interview Rossi and Focardi for a cover story that ran in Ny Teknik. Since then he has followed the ecat story closely and visited Rossi on a number of occasions. Lewan admits that he has kept the book secret.

If you want more you can order a paperback or electronic copy of An Impossible Invention from Lewan’s Word Press Log. Rossi apparently helped Lewan with the book. Lewan is one of the few journalists to work closely with Rossi and earn the man’s trust.

Lewan also makes some interesting claims in the book and in an interview at eCat World. The most interesting are that Rossi was working closely with a large American corporation that wanted to keep its cold fusion work secret. Lewan does not reveal the corporation’s name. He also claims to have witnessed mysterious individuals in a Volvo following Rossi on at least one occasion. Lewan told ecat world that he thinks the individuals might be secret agents.

Everybody who is interested in cold fusion and Rossi should take a look at this book. It provides an interesting perspective on LENR and a controversial inventor. Don’t worry the book is written in English.

Hopefully this won’t be the last book written on Rossi and ecat and hopefully somebody soon the inventor himself will write his story. After all Mr. Rossi has a lot of explaining to do.