Global Warming’s Impact on Environment Worse than we thought

The effect of climate change on wildlife and the environment might have been grossly underestimated. Nearly half the threatened mammals and quarter of the birds might be impacted by global warming, a study published in the Climate Change Journal indicates.

“Many experts have got these climate assessments wrong – in some cases, massively so,” coauthor Dr. James Watson of the University of Queensland told The Guardian. Watson and his colleagues analyzed 130 studies and found that many species have already been harmed by global warming.

“Many risk assessments are simply blind to the fact that climate change is happening now,” Watson said. He thinks that a great deal of the damage from climate change has already occurred.

Watson’s study concentrated on animals on the International Union for the Conservation of Nature’s “Red List” of threatened species. It contrasts sharply with earlier assessments that showed only seven percent of animals were impacted by climate change.

Watson and his colleagues estimated that 47% of mammal species and 24.4% of birds on the Red List have been hurt by global warming. Species more likely to be impacted include birds that live at higher altitudes, and large mammals such as apes and elephants.

Creatures that eat specialized diets are in particular danger because global warming might cause the only foods they eat to die out. To make matters worse rats and other rodents might thrive in messed up new environment created by global warming.

Record Heatwave in Australia

Nor is it just endangered species that climate change can impact. The Australian state of New South Wales (NSW) is undergoing a record heatwave. Dozens of record high temperatures have been reported across the state.

High temperatures are causing problems 87 brushfires are burning across the state because of the dry conditions, The Guardian reported. One small town called Uarbry was burned completely to the ground. Aussies had better get used to it, climate scientists are predicting that such heatwaves will soon be the new normal Down Under.

The headlines prove that we need increased investment in new energy sources that don’t generate greenhouse gases now. Global warming is real, it’s here and it’s going to get worse.

Cold fusion might not just be intriguing if controversial science. It might be the key preventing some horrendous catastrophes.