Global Warming is Real LENR could be the Solution

US and British government scientists have concluded that climate change caused by greenhouse gas emissions are making the Earth warmer and causing extreme weather events like last year’s drought in Texas. In other words global warming is real and we need to do something about it.

Morse Reservoir in Noblesville Indiana is one of many US lakes that have dried because of the heat. Courtesy Michael Conroy AP

The State of Climate Change report prepared by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and its British counterpart noted that 43 indicators followed by scientists showed that the Earth is getting warmer. The same report noted that the past 12 months were the warmest on record in the mainland United States (it should be noted here that record keeping only began in 1895 so there is room for error). In June 2012 alone 170 all time temperature records were broken or tied.

The scientists believe that global warming makes droughts like the one that hit Texas last year 20 times more likely to occur. That means more catastrophic crop losses and more catastrophes like the massive wildfires in my home state of Colorado will occur. Droughts dry out forests which cause wildfires like the massive ones in Colorado. I’ve lived in Colorado all my life and I can’t remember fires like these. When I was a kid you never heard of wildfires in Colorado. How many people’s homes will have to burn before something is done about global warming?

So it’s obvious that we need to get serious about alternatives to fossil fuels such as low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) now. We need to invest more money in LENR research and to give it official support. LENR could produce the large amounts of heat needed  to create steam to generate electricity without creating any greenhouse gases. Now that even the European Union admits that Pons and Fleischman were right we need to move beyond childish criticism and launch a serious investigation of this phenomenon.

The emphasis should be on devices that have already been constructed such as the Brillouin Boiler, Andrea Rossi’s eCat, the Defkalion Hyperion and the Jet Energy NANOR. These need to be investigated now to see if they actually work or could be made to work in the near future. Both Andrea Rossi and Brillouin’s Robert Godes claim to have industrial LENR boilers that could replace coal-fired boilers in power plants.

If their claims are true that would eliminate vast amounts of greenhouse gases and significantly reduce global warming. Longer term the use of LENR devices for home heating and water heating could eliminate vast amounts of greenhouse gases. So could the use of LENR devices in other industrial processes such as smelters, chemical plants, oil refineries mines, oil fields and steel mills.

President Obama exams homes destroyed by the Waldo Canyon Fire in Colorado Springs last month. Courtesy Reuters

LENR powered turbines could also propel ships and trains which could eliminate vast amounts of greenhouse gases. There is even the possibility of LENR powered steam cars and LENR powered airplanes.

In other words the technology that could put an end to global warming once and for all could be here now. Both government and private industry need to get on the LENR bandwagon now. If we do it might prevent more catastrophes and make the world a better place. If we don’t air conditioning dealers are going to make a fortune in the near future.


3 Responses to Global Warming is Real LENR could be the Solution

  • Kevin says:

    Has any one looked up on the galactic cloud we entered a yr. ago last June a1% output of the sun could have devastating affect on the earth not that we aren’t responsible for some of this seams to me someone is trying to make money off of this. One man’s opinion.

  • Gregory Lee says:

    Yes my friend. It ought to happen, like 20 years ago.. But in all likelyhood is NOT. Poor Dr. Rossi is one man bad with extremely limited resouces trying to tog et his stuff out under the watchfull eyes of OIL. You may say that it is miracle he’s still alive. Thanks to his brainy manouver of spreading his tech to Hyperion team at begining.
    Now let me tell ya what we need, or lets say how much money /investment we need for the next 10 years to replace existing old oil/nuclear/coal/bio/etc. junks infrastructures… It is $10 trillion to capture less than mere 10% repleacement rate. 1million E-cats will take next thousnad years.

    • jennifer says:

      I think that depends on whether the technology works. If it works it will happen maybe not through Rossi. I think you far overestimate the power and influence of OIL. The only place I’ve ever heard of oil companies killing anybody is in Captain America comic books so I think you’d better reevaluate your world view. Many people are working on this. My guess is that oil companies don’t care about them and will probably invest in LENR because it’ll help them make more money. As Mr. Larsen points out.