Home Experiments show Independent Inventors are the future of Cold Fusion and Energy

Recent developments show that independent or back room inventors are the future of cold fusion and possibly nuclear energy in general. Slate magazine writer Charles Seife is right on in his criticism of big science’s efforts to harness fusion. If we rely on giant government projects to solve our energy problems solutions like low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) and hot fusion will always be twenty years in the future.

Independent inventors on the other hand are likely to provide working solutions for several reasons:

  • First they are not bound by bureaucracy, politics and red tape. The guy in the next cubicle can’t shut them down and steal their piece of the budget by bad mouthing them at the water cooler.
  • Second such lone wolves are free to pursue areas of research that may not be considered appropriate, politically correct or respectable by the people who write the checks.
  • Third independent inventors have limited resources so they pursue the cheapest, easiest and most practical approaches. People with unlimited budgets waste money. They make things that are too big and too complicated and more likely to fail.
  • Fourth most independent inventors are not wealthy and have to pay their own bills so they have an important incentive to create technologies that can be quickly adopted and commercialized.

The automobile, television, the personal computer, the telegraph, the telephone, television and the light bulb are only a few of the many products ultimately created and brought to market by independent inventors. Many products that originated in large institutions were ultimately commercialized by independent inventors not by large companies or government. A classic example of this is the internet which was created by the US Defense Department but turned into a communications medium by lone wolf computer nerds. Another examle is the computer – the computer revolution of the 1980s was made possible largely by back room experimentation not computer science departments at universities.

A perfect example of such a lone wolf is an Italian electronics technician named Renzo Mondaini who has been conducting cold fusion experiments at his home in Ravenna. He has even posted videos of his experiments online for everybody to see. I don’t know if this is for real or not but it’s interesting. He’s certainly creating some sort of reaction.

The important point is this Signor Mondaini probably couldn’t conduct these experiments if he were working at a Big University. First he’s a mere technician as far as I know he doesn’t have the all-important degree or doctorate. If you’re not willing to spend several years of your life and several hundred thousand dollars studying at a proper college (and providing employment for college professors in the process) you are not a scientist in today’s world. Einstein who had no college degree wouldn’t be welcome in today’s scientific world. Second he’s working on cold fusion which the arbiters of scientific correctness have pronounced incorrect.

Examples of such inventors abound. Some of the few I can think of include the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project, Jet Energy, Han S. Nee, George Miley, Pirelli High School in Italy, Francessco Piantelli and Robert Godes. Those are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head. There are probably thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of others all over the world.

It is such inventors and not big science that give me hope when I think of problems such as global warming, looming energy shortages and air pollution. Modern technology especially computers and the internet gives such inventors access to many of the same resources as Big Science.

One more prediction before we go, don’t be at all surprised to see an exodus of scientists and technicians from large institutions to the garage in the new future. This will happen because governments no longer have the tax base to support big science. Governments having a hard time paying for basic stuff such as healthcare for the elderly, police protection, teachers and repairing pot holes will be far less tolerant of scientists producing nothing but reams of questionable data. Nor will they be very happy with massive projects whose administrators promise big results twenty or thirty years in the future (conveniently shortly after the retirement of those making the promises). The result will be that large numbers of scientists, technicians and engineers who thought they had a good salary and a guaranteed pension will find themselves on the unemployment line with no retirement income.

Many scientists and engineers facing a future of delivering pizzas or teaching high school science will suddenly find ways to commercialize their ideas and processes. Expect to see an explosion of independent invention in many fields in coming decades. The reach of these back yard inventors will be greatly increased by the growing capabilities of 3D printing and small scale robotics. LENR will be one of many fields these people will turn to and the results will be amazing.