Industrial Heat Charges Ecat Does Not Work

Tom Darden, J.T. Vaughn, Industrial Heat and Cherokee Investment Partners are again alleging that Andrea Rossi’s e-cat low energy nuclear reaction technology does not work. In an answer and additional defenses to Rossi’s lawsuit the defendants made the following allegations.

  • “Defendants deny that the energy catalyzer (“E-Cat”) technology “generates a low energy nuclear reaction resulting in an exothermic release of energy” along the lines claimed by Plaintiffs – which is that a reactor using the E-Cat technology produces more than 50 times the energy it consumes.”


  • “Such claims are not scientifically verifiable or reproducible.”


  • “In addition, the procedures and mechanisms which Plaintiffs have used in their experiments and testing of the E-Cat technology are flawed and unreliable in many respects.”

  • “Lastly, the E-Cat technology has never been independently validated by a scientifically reliable methodology to produce the energy levels Plaintiffs now claim, and has failed to produce any commercially viable product.”


  • “Indeed, using the E-Cat technology Plaintiffs directly provided them, Industrial Heat and IPH have been unable to produce any measurable excess energy.”


The answer filed in US District Court for the Southern District of Florida in Miami also contains some other interesting information. It lists some new individuals and companies as partners of Andrea Rossi and Leonardo Corporation.

Those partners include:

  • J.M. Products Inc.


  • Henry Johnson

  • United States Quantum Leap LLC


  • Fulvio Fabiani.


Here is how the Corporation Wiki describes United States Quantum Leap LLC: “filed as a Florida Limited Liability in the State of Florida on Friday, August 23, 2013 and is approximately three years old, as recorded in documents filed with Florida Department of State.”

It lists 1331 Lincoln Road in Miami Beach as United States Quantum Leap LLC’s address. A few years ago I confirmed that address is Andrea Rossi’s condominium.

I was able to locate a number of JM Products but none of them seem to be in the LENR business. One I discovered manufactures line support clamps and is located at 1647 Truman Street in San Fernando, California. Industrial Heat’s attorneys allege that JM was a front company created by Rossi to move the e-cat plant testing from North Carolina; where industrial heat is based, to Miami.

The defendants also admit that they have a company in the Netherlands called IPH. Their attorneys wrote: “Defendants admit that IPH is a Besloten vennootschap, a Dutch private limited liability company.”

They also denied Rossi’s allegations that Industrial Heat and IPH tried to patent the e-cat technology for themselves. Despite the allegations they also admit to having tried to manufacture e-cat technology and to hire Fulvio Fabiani to help manufacture and develop e-cat products. Instead of doing that Fabiani worked with Rossi.

Among other things they allege that Fabiani fed them false data to show ecat was working was working when it was not. They also accuse Rossi, Leonardo, JM Products and Johnson of Fraudulent Deception.

Many thanks to E-cat World’s Frank Acland for posting the answer online. Industrial Heat is represented by Christopher R.J. Pace, Christopher M. Lomax and Christina T. Mastrucci of Jones Day’s Miami Office.




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