Israeli/US Company Researching Cold Fusion

Energetics Technology could be the best known company pursuing cold fusion research yet it is also one of the most mysterious. The company with facilities in Omar, Israeli, and Columbia, Missouri, in the United States has apparently been pursuing cold fusion for some time. Yet it has not announced any intention to build a boiler or generator.

Despite this lack of progress or lack of publicity about its plans, Energetics has received the most media coverage more than Andrea Rossi’s e-cat, Defkalion, or Brillouin Energy Corporation, even though those efforts seem to have led to working boilers. Energetics was profiled on 60 Minutes the most popular television newsmagazine in the United States in a piece hosted by Scott Pelley who is now anchor of America’s most prestigious news broadcast: the CBS Evening News.

Energetics is apparently working on the waveform process of cold fusion which would use palladium bathed in heavy water to create fusion. Energetics has apparently boiled water with the process and the Clean Tech Blog reports that is results have been tested by SRI Technologies in Menlo Park, California, and the Italian National Agency for New Technologies.

Despite all of this publicity, Energetics has done little to commercialize its technology. Its website does not mention cold fusion and no licensing deals have been announced. Instead it gives a vague description of advanced energy technology that will change the world. This could indicate there are problems with its technology or it could stem from the cost of palladium which is a precious metal that trades on exchanges with gold and platinum.

Interestingly enough Energetics supposedly received donations from clothing billionaire Sidney Kimmel even though it is a private company. Energetics Website does have a strategic plan that states it is trying to raise between $500,000 and $1 million in financing. It is also seeking investors in case you are interested.

Energetics has spent about $1.2 million setting up a laboratory in Columbia, Missouri. It is working closely with University of Missouri physicist Rob Duncan who was featured on the 60 Minutes piece. The University of Missouri is located in Columbia.

5 Responses to Israeli/US Company Researching Cold Fusion

  • While watching this video of the 60 minutes interview I couldn’t help feeling empathetic with Fleishmann at the very end. What a feeling getting the bad publicity after devoting your time and energy into what you believed and now look at his work replicated by many in attempts to produce electrical energy. I could see in his face the hurt from being blackballed back then and realizing how linch mobs can be.

    Great posts Jennifer and a great respect to all the people that truly try to make our earth a cleaner place.

    • jennifer says:

      Thanks I feel sorry for the poor fellow too. Andrea Rossi and the others are right to avoid the mainstream media especially in the English speaking world until they have something that works.

  • “something that works” are huge words and precisely what Rossi wants everyone including his investors to believe that he has. Others are adding to the list of possible inventors to this process, however “nothing works today”.

    A product is what everyone is missing and the e-cat is out of the bag. What Rossi did is “jumped the gun” now the technology is game for anyone wanting to compete which is so cool.

    The information released on the e-cat has been available for over one year and others have also noticed the process and documented it, and published it, now it’s public domain and any patent issued in the US will not be enforceable by any inventor or company unless they have a product.

    Rossi needed the device functional and reduced to practice prior to filing for a US Patent. “A device” not a statement of production. Nonetheless any patent issued for this process will be difficult if not impossible to protect unless a specific device patent is obtained by someone that has “a product” that actually works.

    These events and claims of over-unity are observations and are based on moving elements by an observer. Patents for inventions can be worth less in totality than the paper which they are printed on “if” there is no invention that actually works 100% of the time. Anyone skilled in the art could easilly improve a product by making it more reliable even by a percent, and would get you competitive in the market with a relatively comperable but less expensive product that has claims of higher efficiency than previously available art.

  • Mike says:

    Anything Israeli and it smells like a scam anymore, I would be very skeptical.

  • Danny says:

    Mike, perhaps you should keep your bigotry and prejudice to yourself.