LENR Champion to leave Post at University of Missouri

The man who made the University of Missouri at Columbia a major center for low energy nuclear reaction(LENR) research will leave his job early next year. New Energy Times is reporting that Robert Duncan has accepted a position as vice president for research at Texas Tech University.


Robert Duncan Speaks at the 2012 NI Week courtesy New Energy Times

Duncan is familiar to LENR fans as the scientist who discussed cold fusion on a famous feature on CBS’s 60 Minutes news magazine. At the University of Missouri Duncan has been a tireless proponent of LENR.

Among other things Duncan organized the Sidney Kimmel Institute for Nuclear Renaissance at the University. That’s the only program at a major American university dedicated to active LENR research. The Institute financed by clothing billionaire Sidney Kimmel has begun research.

Duncan also brought the 18th Annual International Conference on Cold Fusion (ICCF) to Columbia this summer. The Conference was the first on LENR held at a major American college in many years.

Duncan has also called for a major national research program into cold fusion. In the past he stated he became interested in LENR after being asked to look into by 60 Minutes’ Scott Pelley. Perhaps Duncan feels he will be in a better position to organize such a program at Texas Tech

The impact of Duncan’s departure on LENR efforts at the University of Missouri is not known. Nor is it known if Duncan will organize similar programs at Texas Tech. Hopefully Duncan will convince a billionaire or millionaire to finance an LENR program at Texas Tech. There are a lot more billionaires and millionaires in Texas than Missouri and some of them are Texas Tech Alumni.

New Energy Times noted that Texas Tech doesn’t have a nuclear research program and is a Tier Two research university. That means Texas Tech is less respected that Tier One research universities such as the University of Missouri. Texas Tech is best known for its football team. The Times writers think that Duncan’s moves means he is leaving nuclear research.

Intriguingly there could be two Robert Duncans working at Texas Tech in Lubbock in West Texas next year. The Amarillo Globe News is reporting that Texas State Senator Robert Duncan is interested in becoming Chancellor at Texas Tech.

Hopefully Duncan’s departure won’t impact LENR efforts at the University of Missouri. We can also hope that Duncan will be able to start a similar effort at Texas Tech.


2 Responses to LENR Champion to leave Post at University of Missouri

  • Bert Bigelow says:

    Could this be a buyout by oil money in Texas to shut down the Missouri LENR activity?
    We will know if Duncan disappears.

    • jennifer says:

      Sounds a little paranoid. More likely Texas oil money would want to invest in LENR to make more money from it. The activity is still going on. So I don’t think that’s the case. Duncan has nothing to do with the financing.