LENR could help end California Water Crisis

California is in the midst of a catastrophic drought that could affect food prices all over world. What’s truly interesting is that something like low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) or cold fusion could be the solution to this crisis.

If the drought continues California only has about one year’s supply of fresh water left, NASA scientist Jay Famiglietti wrote in a recent Los Angeles Times op-ed. Familgletti a hydrologist looked at satellite data and made the alarming discovery that the Golden State has just enough fresh water left in reservoirs and underground aquifers for one year of use at current consumption levels.

What is truly disturbing is that California is not alone in an article for National Geographic last year, Famiglietti warned that aquifers all over the world and throughout the American West were being pumped dry. He predicted massive water shortages in the US, China, the Middle East and elsewhere if nothing is done.

The droughts should concern everybody because water supplies are running out in some of the world’s main food producing areas including the High Plains of the United States and California’s Central Valley. A large percentage of America’s fruits and vegetables are grown in the Central Valley.

Now for the good news there really is no water shortage, we have plenty of water. The problem is that most of it is salt water which is useless for irrigation and drinking. We have the technology to remove the salt from water or desalinate it. The problem is that desalination is extremely expensive because of large amounts of heat and energy required.

Water bills in Santa Barbara could rise from an average of $78 a month to $108 a month when that city starts desalinating water this summer, The Times reported.

As a number of people have pointed out hot or cold fusion could supply the energy needed to desalinate water. Desalination would be a perfect solution for California where the major cities like San Diego and Los Angeles are located right next to the Pacific Ocean. America’s largest desalination plant is being built in the wealthy North San Diego County town of Carlsbad.

If desalinated water could be made cheaply enough there would be no water crisis. The so-called water crisis is another reason why need to start spending far more money to research and develop new energy sources now. If we could make energy cheap and plentiful, water would also be cheap plentiful.


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