LENR Entrepreneurs between a Rock and a Hard Place

Inventors and entrepreneurs trying to develop low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) technology are literally between a rock and a hard place. These people need large amounts of money to develop a working technology yet they probably won’t get that money unless they can demonstrate a working LENR device.

The LENR inventor or promoter faces the problem of approaching investors and potential investors with a completely revolutionary technology. Most of those money men are completely unfamiliar with low energy nuclear reaction technology. To make matters worse all many of them know about this field is the destructive depiction of such inventors as “cold fusion cranks” by the mainstream media and the scientific establishment.

The best way to overcome this kind of resistance is with a working device. Yet the development of such a device would require large amounts of money. Such money would probably be provided by a business person or venture capitalist who would like to see a working device or at least evidence that one could be built.

Under normal circumstances an investor might be able to get a scientist or group of scientists to take a look at the proposal and provide advice. Unfortunately that’s could be hard to do because most scientists are afraid to be ridiculed for promoting “junk science.” Even if scientists were willing to take a look they might be afraid of losing their jobs. The only way to convince them would be to build and demonstrate a working device that the skeptics could not disprove. The scientists remember the media lynching of Pons and Fleischmann and they understandably have no desire to repeat that experience.

An experimental model would not be good enough the device would have to work and probably generate enough steam to turn a turbine. That of course would have to require a vast amount of engineering. Engineering costs money and so would the technicians that would build such a device.

So how would an inventor or entrepreneur escape this trap? The best way would be to find a very rich benefactor that truly believed in LENR. If somebody could convince a person with a lot of cash that it was possible that would be the best solution. This would allow the inventor to work in private and to build the device.


The good news is it looks as if a number of such people are out there. Somebody is obviously backing Defkalion and putting up a lot of money for their work. Brillouin has found the $2 million it needs for testing, billionaire Sidney Kimmel has invested in Energetics and is backing Robert Duncan’s work at the University of Missouri, and even Andrea Rossi seems to have located deep pocketed backers. Unfortunately there are still other inventors such as George Miley, Professor Piantelli of Nichenergy and Dr. Mitchell Swartz of Jet Energy Inc. who still need to find funding. These brave men need backing.

The goal LENR backers should give themselves right now is to find the people with the money and get them interested in this field. That’s going to be difficult but not as difficult as you might think. There are visionaries with cash out there we just have to figure out how to get them talking to the LENR pioneers instead of the skeptics. That will be the only way to get LENR developers out of the bind they are currently in.