Live Tests of Greek LENR Devices could be broadcast Online

Streaming video of tests of Defkalion Green Technologies’ Hyperion low energy nuclear reaction heating device could be placed online as early as next week. Defkalion has acknowledged that it will let entities conducting tests of its cold fusion technology place video of the testing online. It will also let those entities place their test data online.

Sterling Allan with Hyperion at Defkalion HQ last week Courtesy Pure Energy Systems

No word on which entities will conduct the tests or what sites they will use is available. Although long time free energy enthusiast Sterling Allan has written that the Greek government will begin the tests. Tests of the Nickel Hydrogen LENR device are supposed to begin on February 24 according to some reports.

One of the tests placed online could be that related to Australian entrepreneur Dick Smith’s millionaire challenge. Smith has stated that he would pay $1 million to either Andrea Rossi or Defkalion if they can demonstrate LENR. Rossi has declined Smith’s challenge and ridiculed it as a stunt. Defkalion has accepted but noted it hasn’t heard from Smith. Ecat News Reported that Smith told it he had emailed Defkalion CEO Alexandros Xanthoulis but he didn’t like Mr. Xanthoulis’s terms.

It should be noted that this challenge isn’t that great. $1 million (around 750,000 Euros) is not necessarily that much money to an organization like Defkalion or Andrea Rossi. Sterling Allan has reported that Defkalion claims to have sold nearly $1 billion in licenses for its technology. $1 million US would not be enough to run either Rossi or Defkalion’s testing for more than a weeks. It should also be noted that Smith has not specified if the money would be Australian or US dollars. $1 million in Australian dollars would be around $920,000 US.

Here’s Defkalion’s testing protocols as posted on their forum:

Publication of Protocols and Results

The detailed test protocols will be published by PGDT before any third party test is performed.
Test results may be published by the independent evaluators in the media they choose and in our site, jointly

The minimum structure of every test protocol in the world is the following:

1. The testers, the observers (if any), the location and the date of the test
2. The objectives of the test.
3 Tester equipment/instrumentation and their calibration procedure
4. Safety limits and precautions
5. A detailed list of scheduled/expected procedures for every step of the test
6. Expected results
7. The results/ measurements and possible remarks on every step of the test
8. Methods of valuation and calculations on test data
9. Results or remarks of the testers
10. Signs of testers and the observers

This is typical structure for any lab or product test all around the world and we have not any reason to change it. So far, we have described in brief #2, 3, 5 and 6 of the above list through our last Press Release in a way that every non-expert can understand.

We have stated that we will publish the detailed protocol before testing. That includes in detail:

1. The testers, the observers (if any), the location and the date of the test
2. The objectives of the test.
3 Tester equipment/instrumentation and their calibration procedure
3. Safety limits and precautions
4. A detailed list of scheduled/expected procedures of every step of the test
5. Expected results

So, you have a very clear answer: Testers will be pre-announced, if testers have no argument on this.

In any case, after the test all the above structured protocol filled with data and remarks has to be published by the testers in the media they choose. We are going to release it also through our site upon signatures of the testers and the observers on it.

Thank you

The company has also revealed its estimated costs for operation of its device. It stated that the cost per a kilowatt hour of heat from Hyperion would be about 1 European cent. That’s about 1.3 cents US so it sounds pretty good. How this translates into home heating is unclear but it could mean you could heat your house for 24¢ a day. Hopefully this will work out.

I also hope that Defkalion is willing to donate Dick Smith’s prize money to charity. It’s obvious they don’t need it but judging by recent news reports there are probably a lot of people in Greece that do. That is if Mr. Smith’s prize money is for real or not. I also hope that this effort convinces Rossi to reveal his technology to the public.

15 Responses to Live Tests of Greek LENR Devices could be broadcast Online

  • sophareth says:

    Public d’nt understands technic reports,
    Specialized journalists and scientists, yes.

  • sophareth says:

    Good news for Ni/H Lenr community.

  • Brad Arnold says:

    Sounds like Defkalion called Dick Smith’s bluff. Why on Earth wouldn’t Mr Smith “like” Defkalion’s testing terms? It is hard to fathom a very rich person like Mr Smith being tight fisted over a “mere” million dollars, when it would go to prove such a revolutionary clean & cheap energy technology like LENR. Maybe it is ideological, where Mr Smith is ashamed of being proven wrong when he disparaged it. That isn’t true skepticism, but the sort I’ve been seeing a lot of on the web – the know-it-all naysayers.

    • jennifer says:

      You would have to ask Mr. Smith. I agree it’s not true skepticism just I have an opinion now lets find some evidence to prove it. Or maybe Mr. Smith is a decent mate who’s been tricked into taking sides in a fight he doesn’t understand.

  • Avatar Polymorph says:

    $USD 1 million is $AUD 1,080,000. Dick Smith is playing Tricky Dicky, demanding a test of the full commercial product rather than just LENR effects. He seems ignorant of Piantelli, Focardi, Celani and the Americans and Japanese.

  • Avatar Polymorph says:

    Oops the comment above should read $AUD 1 million equals $US1,080,000 i.e. the Aussie dollar is worth more than the US dollar.

  • Avatar Polymorph says:

    I also forgot Levi although a minor player.

  • PETER HUNT says:

    Mr. Smith is what we call a ” four flusher” Pretend and extend but do not deliver.

  • Greg says:

    Would be nice to know what the terms were that Defkalion proposed and what objections Dick had to them. Last time I looked he was after a simple flow calorimetry test,which should be simple enough for Defkalion to do.

  • M.Hat says:

    Anyone know how Defkalion’s (24 February start date) tests are doing?

  • bill says:

    Test delayed it’s the weekend, greek gov. broke can’t pay for testing. What is your guess why it won’t happen?

  • gallopingcamel says:

    Such a Colossal Amount of Misinformation spells SCAM to me.

    • jennifer says:

      I haven’t seen any information one way or the other. Lack of information doesn’t spell scam. I’d be get more suspicious if they started putting out tons of information. I haven’t seen a colossal amount of information or misinformation.