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Rossi talking to the Press in October

Andrea Rossi has admitted that Siemens is a merely a supplier to him. This would seem to contradict stories that he and Siemens engineers were working on a turbine powered by his ecat low energy nuclear reaction technology. One strong possibility is that Rossi is buying a Siemens turbine to use in the 45 megawatt ecat unit he is developing.

In a post on his blog Rossi admitted that Siemens was only a supplier. Even though he had early stated he had met with Siemens engineers and involved them in a test of the ecat. Rossi also noted that he is working with Siemens in a number of areas including materials for the ecat. Siemens owns tens of thousands of patents so there is a strong possibility that it has a lot of technology that Rossi could utilize.

The relationship with Siemens would seem to indicate that Rossi has found another source of funding. This probably comes from the mysterious investors whom he has apparently transferred ownership in his Leonardo Corp too.

Rossi also stated that scientific advice for ecat improvements was being provided in house. Whether this is by Sergio Focardi or Guisseppe Levi or another scientist that wants to remain anonymous is hard to determine. Rossi has been working with Focardi for around two years.

Rossi discusses ecat

One strong possibility is that scientists with established careers may not want to make their involvement with Rossi public until there is a working ecat unit or a published theory. Since Rossi has refused to publish his research or reveal a working unit that is understandable.

Rossi also stated that he will give a brief detailed description of ecat for the public in the autumn. He did not give an exact date but stated it would be in the fall. Note this contradicts earlier claims that he could have ecats in production by August. In a reply to a poster named Joseph Fine Rossi said he hopes to begin deliveries of his home ecat unit within 17 months.

  • Andrea Rossi

March 14th, 2012 at 7:21 AM

Karl-Heinz Brown:
Please let us put the E-Cat on the market before disclosing this information. Until then all the information regarding the product and even the plant by which it will be manufactured, which is in advanced preparation, will be confidential, for many reasons you can imagine just reading what is happening around…we need to work in peace, undisturbed. Same consideration is valid for the location(s) in which we will work.
Thank you anyway for your attention,
Warm Regards,

Rossi once again stated that he has a factory for production but that its location is secret. Note last month Rossi told an employee of the state of Florida that he does not have a factory and that all ecat work is done outside the US.

Rossi’s blog indicates that he is currently visiting London where his Northern European

Brian Josephson courtesy Pure Energy News

partners Hydrofusion have a registered presence. Whether he is working with them or not is unknown. It is also not known whether Rossi is planning to meet with Nobel Prize winning Cambridge University physicist Brian Josephson who has been an outspoken defender of Rossi in the past.

Something else there is still no news out of Rossi’s competitors at Defkalion in Greece who claim to be testing their Hyperion cold fusion device right now. Hopefully we’ll hear something from them soon as well.