NASA Publicly Reveals LENR Research

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration or NASA has announced that it is working to develop a low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) or cold fusion power source. The agency has posted a video online that features a senior research scientist discussing LENR and explaining how it works.

The scientist is Dr. Joseph Zawodny a Senior Research Scientist at NASA’s Langley Research Center in Virginia near Washington DC.

Joseph Zawodny courtesy NASA

“It has demonstrated ability to produce excess amounts of energy cleanly without hazardous ionizing radiation without producing nasty waste,” Zawodny told the camera. In the video Zawodny stated that NASA’s method for enhancement of surface Plasmon Polaritons to initiate and sustain LENR releases energy by adding neutrons. When enough neutrons are added they sponteaneously decay into something of the same mass but another element.


In the video an announcer describes the system as:

NASA’s method for Enhancement of Surface Plasmon Polaritrons to Initiate and Sustain LENR in Metal Hydride Solutions a clean nuclear energy for your power operated technology.”


This sounds a lot like Andrea Rossi’s e-cat LENR device. The video shows images from the US Navy SPAWAR  which was reportedly working on LENR devices of its own. A recent internet rumor has stated that SPAWAR has shut down its cold fusion research. No Mention is made of SPAWAR the Navy’s research arm in the video.


Zawodny did not mention Rossi or e-cat but he described a home use of the process that sounds a lot like Rossi’s. He mentioned that it could be used for heating, cool, water heating and electricity production in the home.


“The easiest implementation of this would be for the home. You would have a unit that would replace your water heater you would have some sort of cycle to derive electricity from that,” Zawodny said. “It would be a dual use thing it would produce heat, the waste heat would be used for environmental control and warm water.”


Interestingly enough Dr. Dennis M. Bushnell another senior scientist at Langely who is also involved in LENR research is not mentioned or shown in the video.

Nor or are any high level NASA officials shown. Scientists are shown working at computers but no LENR devices are shown. Instead stock footage of planes, trains and trucks is shown and fossil fuels are mentioned.

Facilities and Personnel at NASA's Langley Research Center

This is a very interesting development especially when there is widespread public interest in LENR and public pressure to investigate it. Combined with reports that the US Department of Energy could be changing its mind on the topic this is really good news. LENR skeptics won’t be able to dismiss Zawodny as a “cold fusion crank.”


There are some interesting implications from this, NASA could be getting ready to ask Congress for funding for LENR research. Or the Agency could be getting ready to patent a process. If that happens it could affect both Andrea Rossi and the Greek company Defaklion that claim to have working LENR heating devices. Rossi is selling such a device right now. Both he and Defkalion are planning to bring out home heating units using LENR this year.


One interesting development could be that NASA is planning to commercialize LENR. That could lead to a legal battle with Rossi and the companies he has licensed. There have been some unconfirmed rumors that NASA has purchased one of Rossi’s e-cat cold fusion devices. Other rumors indicate that the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency at the Pentagon or DARPA was the customer.


I also have to wonder if NASA has a working LENR device of some sort. If it does that could be a real game changer. We would also have to wonder why NASA hasn’t revealed the device to the public or the press. Perhaps they’re waiting for tests or a patent.

Concept drawing of a 5KW E-cat for home use Courtesy

Another possibility is that President Obama is keeping the device under wraps and planning to publicly unveil it during the Presidential campaign this fall. That would certainly get him a few votes. This is highly probably because it would justify his green energy technology agenda which has received a lot of criticism in recent months.


Either way it looks like the LENR deniers are going to have to change their tunes and eat their words. It also looks like this revolutionary energy source has high level support in Washington.

7 Responses to NASA Publicly Reveals LENR Research

  • LKB says:

    Guess what . . . NASA filed a patent application on this MONTHS ago:

  • wv says:

    If anything, this would be fission, not fusion. Cold fission. Study some physics before you make claims!

    • jennifer says:

      Yes even Andrea Rossi has admitted that. Unfortunately the public and journalists (who get all their science information from Star Trek reruns) call it cold fusion. Low Energy Nuclear Reaction is a more accurate term. You’re right this does appear to be fission. I’m not making a claim just reporting what others say.

  • RP says:

    Yes, and then the power companies buy up the patent rights and this idea fades into obscurity or they price it out of the reach of those who would benefit the most from it. Just like they’ve done with solar panels. Electric companies don’t want “free clean energy”. Then they are out of business and no longer able to buy politicians.

    • jennifer says:

      I seriously don’t think the power companies have that kind of power. If they do why do I see solar panels on buildings on buildings all over town. Sounds like paranoia to me. PS this is cheap clean energy not free energy despite what some people think there is no such thing as free energy. You have to pay for solar panels and you would have to pay for LENR.

  • Captain Steve says:

    @WV and Jennifer. . . The reaction combines neutrons. That is fusion.

    This article doesn’t give many details, but in Rossi’s E-Cat reaction Nickel transmutates into Copper. That too is fusion.