New LENR Organization Working with US University

A new company called Phonon Energy has unveiled plans to create and test a low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) or cold fusion boiler. E-Cat World reported that Phonon will be working with Seattle University in its attempts to commercialize LENR.

The organization appears to be a purely American group that has some connection to Defkalion. Phonon’s Investor Relations page on the internet states that it is planning to purchase technology from Defkalion and conduct testing at Defkalion’s facilities. Defkalion’s North American operations are based in Vancouver, British Columbia, a short drive from Seattle.

Here’s what we know about Phonon from its Investor Relations webpage which is now online:

  • The organization’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is David Daggett an experienced executive who has worked at Boeing, Parker Aerospace and Rolls-Royce (the aircraft engine company not the automaker). Daggett’s background is in Aerospace but he has recently been taking nuclear engineering classes. He claims to have witnessed small LENR lab tests that turned him from Skeptic to believer. He doesn’t say what tests he witnessed. Here’s what his Linked In Page said:

David Daggett

“I’ve worked for many years at large corporations, maturing ideas into working concepts. Usually these projects have been focused on energy and environmental technologies.”

“After being a skeptic for 7 years about LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reaction) technology, I started taking nuclear engineering classes and also witnessing small LENR unit lab tests. I now realize that this technology will make fossil fuels obsolete and can provide affordable energy to the world. I’m devoting the rest of my working career to enabling it.”

  • Phonon will be working closely with Seattle University in Washington State. Teodora Shuman a professor of mechanical engineering at that institution is listed as the company’s heat transfer engineer.


  • Daggett and his team think the United States Federal Government will invest $700 billion in LENR and related technologies such as High Energy Nuclear Interactions (HENI) and Lattice Assisted Nuclear Reactions (LANR) over the next 20 years. Phonon’s objective seems to be to get some of that money to fund its research with.


  • The company plans to build a prototype boiler based Defkalion’s Hyperion LENR reactor. They want the boiler to have a 2¢ a kilowatt hour generating cost. The boiler will be used to demonstrate and test LENR. The reactor project is supposed to take 24 months or two years.


  • Phonon’s goal is to utilize experienced advisors and senior engineers to guide a cadre of motivated young engineers who will form an alternative energy start up.


  • Phonon is currently a non-profit 501 C-3 corporation which means that Daggett is unpaid. The plan seems to be to convert it into a for profit enterprise at some point.

  • At some point a spin-off company will be created to attract Venture Capital, design new applications and buy the license rights to the technology from Defkalion. The company is in negotiation with other reactor suppliers who are not identified. That means it could be talking to other inventors such as Celani and Piantelli as well as Andrea Rossi or even Brillouin.


IT looks like there might be a major new player in the LENR field. E-cat World mentions a Phonon Energy video which seems to have been taken down.