New Obama Energy Policy and Energy Secretary no help for Cold Fusion

There seems to be little or no help for low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) or cold fusion research in President Obama’s new energy policy proposal. This is surprising in light of all the recent progress in the field. Some of which has even come from a US government agency NASA.

Obama will ask Congress to set aside $2 billion Uncle Sam receives from offshore oil revenues for energy research. On paper this sounds like a good idea but the problem is that the money would be spent on so-called green technology rather than promising fields like LENR or small scale hot fusion. The equivalent of this in 1903 would have been turning Henry Ford down for a loan to use the money to develop an improved horse and buggy.

Another problem and opportunity is that Obama doesn’t have the power to appropriate a cent. Only Congress can do that and there’s no guarantee that Congress will go along. The truth is Congress probably won’t approve the Obama plan because Obama’s fund would be outside of Congressional control. Hopefully Congress will divert some of the money away from the green technology boondoggle and to real research.

If the money in the fund were to be used for broad based research into real next generation technology it would be useful. Developing better windmills and solar panels is a dead end; it’ll make some liberals in New York feel good but it won’t generate any additional energy.

There will be few changes at the Energy Department either. Obama has named Ernest Moniz of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) as energy secretary. This isn’t very good news because Moniz is a believer in so-called renewable energy. At MIT he headed up such questionable research as windows that generate electricity, a project to make yeast from biofuel and batteries built by viruses. How any of that stuff will help us generate enough energy to run our civilization is beyond my imagination.

Ernest Moniz you'd think a cabinet secretary would get a decent haircut and a good suit

Another problem I must note here is that there is no evidence that Moniz knows anything about the energy business. Does this guy even know how much gas cost or what his utility bills are? My guess is if you asked Mr. Moniz he’d probably have to phone his wife and ask what last month’s utility bill was. Wouldn’t it be nice if we had an energy secretary who understood the dilemma average Americans often face (i.e. do I pay the gas bill or the mortgage this month?) In other words the US has no energy policy only sound bites designed to make Obama’s liberal campaign supporters happy.

Also bothersome is MIT’s historic hostility to cold fusion. Something that even MIT Professor and cold fusion enthusiast Peter Hagelstien has confirmed. An MIT man is now in a position to try and throttle LENR research.

Fortunately there is hope, LENR backers can simply do an end run around Obama and the green technology crowd by writing to their Congressmen. Congress controls the budget and members of Congress are in a position to add large amounts of LENR funding to the federal budget in such a way that neither Obama nor Moniz could do anything about it. If large numbers of Americans write to Congress demanding LENR funding we’ll get it and real energy research.

How much longer will our tax dollars be wasted on these efforts to develop a better horse and buggy? My guess is until working LENR devices appear, when that happens green technology will go out of fashion faster than Disco music. Unfortunately a lot of tax dollars will have been dumped down the black hole known as green technology by then.


3 Responses to New Obama Energy Policy and Energy Secretary no help for Cold Fusion

  • JimP says:

    My guess would be that the military importance of LENR and possible explosive weapons applications place LENR into a nondisclosure area of the US military research budget. With a number of the LENR experiments reportedly encountering runaway temperatures and explosions there are probably efforts afoot, not only to minimize the potential of LENR but also to keep the genie in the bottle just as long as they possibly can. Only over the next 15 to twenty years will we learn how advanced the work is. There is very little concern for the little guy when it comes to US energy policy: Especially not when large corporations can make multiple $50,000 contributions to each politician’s campaign for supporting or saying the right things.

    • jennifer says:

      Since past efforts to keep technology in the bottle failed, I don’t see how it will work for LENR. Particularly with big corporations willing to pay politicians to reveal it to them. Almost every other “secret” military technology in human history has leaked out sometimes overnight. IE the atomic bomb, America’s most closely guarded secret Stalin had the plans before Hiroshima. Stealth bomber the only reason the Russians didn’t build one was it cost too much. The only reason is that it’s in a nondisclosure area is to keep some ignorant politician from cutting it from the budget. I agree with you on US Energy policy it’s a joke designed to please big business and won’t help the little guy. The Department of Energy is a waste of money and should be shut down. Even the Pentagon seems to ignore it.

  • jennifer says:

    Typical. I have to wonder why Obama doesn’t appoint an energy industry executive to the job. It’s the Department of Energy not the Department of Physics. Thanks for the valuable information, I’m not surprised.