October 28 E-cat Test Reportedly Successful

Andrea Rossi’s latest e-cat test for his unnamed American partner on October 28 reportedly went well. This is the first time that somebody besides Rossi has directly tested the cold fusion device. The Italian media and reporter Mats Lewan of the Swedish Ny Teknik newspaper were present.


Ny Teknik reported that a man named Engineer Domenico Fioravanti whom it named as the customer’s controller for the test (obviously a mistranslation) stated the device released the equivalent of 479 kilowatts in a five hour sustained test. This figure refers to heat and not electricity, as far as I know no cold fusion device anywhere has actually generated electricity. Ny Teknik stated this is less than the 1 megawatt Rossi wants the device to generate. A copy of the report can be downloaded here.

Ny Teknik identified this gentelman as Domenico Fioravanti a representative of Andrea Rossi's mysterious American partner

The reports did not say who Domenico Fioravanti was or who he works for. He is described as an engineer They did not even make it clear if he was an Italian or an American. Many Americans have Italian names. Ny Teknik speculated that he is a member of a military organization which is unlikely. A picture of Fioravanti shows him wearing a beard which is clearly a violation of current US military regulations which bar men on active duty from having them (with the interesting exceptions of Navy SEALS and other commandos on special duty). He could; however, be a retired military officer. Ny Teknik noted that a reported stated he was a colonel but the name colonel was crossed off.


The device tested is the cargo container that contains 100 e-cat units Rossi has shown off on a number of occasions. The test took part at the Bologna industrial park where Rossi has his workshop. Reporters and a number of scientists including Guiseppe Levi were present.


In posts on his blog, Rossi stated he achieved what he called a self-sustained reaction but had to use a generator to power the device. He also admitted that his test consumed more power than it generated. This is in his own words:


“During the hours before the self sustained mode we consumed in total 400 kW and produced in total 300 kW.”


In the video I saw Rossi walked around with Levi and held a press conference. It looks like Rossi was able to create some sort of sustained reaction but do little else. This is a good start but it is hardly the world changing event some people expected. Rossi is generating heat but he is not yet generating power.


It should be noted that it took Edison hundreds of experiments to create a working light bulb. Rossi is clearly on the right track, he’s just nowhere near as close as we would like him to be. We definitely need to see some testing done by somebody besides Rossi and his mysterious backers.