Open Source LENR Effort Could Lead to New Technology Boom

The most transformative figure in low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) and perhaps in the world might just be Francesco Celani. The Italian inventor has launched an open source effort to share his technology with inventors and others around the world.

The effort called the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project has borrowed one of Google’s most revolutionary ideas. Google has made its Android operating system for wireless devices the fastest growing in the world by giving it away free to users and developers. Google boss Eric Schmidt now thinks that there might be as many as one billion Android devices within a year. In fact 1.3 million new Android devices are activated everyday.

The Fleischmann Project is intent on doing for LENR what Google did by giving it away to inventors and businesses. Developers can get Android which is actually based on Linux another open sourced operating system for free. Celani is making his design and wires he coats with a special substance available free to companies like the Hunt Utilities Group.

These companies will build copies of Celani’s reactor and experiment with it. Just as developers create all sorts of new Apps for Google, the experimenters can figure out all sorts of new uses for Celani’s technology. More importantly they will be in a position to tinker around and get the technology.

In the past new technologies like the automobile and the personal computer were perfected and improved by dozens of people tinkering around with them. One of the people tinkering around with automobiles was Henry Ford who eventually created the automobile industry.

The open source effort is transformative because it allows inventors and researchers all over the world to duplicate Celani’s efforts. They don’t have to reinvent the wheel they just have to build a copy of it. Many of them will improve and refine the device when they copy it.

The Martin Fleischmann Project is designed to facilitate the open source effort by posting a Celani Replication plan on line. The purpose of the plan is to make widespread replication of the device Francisco Celani has demonstrated to the public.

Currently there are three teams in different parts of the world trying to duplicate the Celani cell. Team 1 is composed of Bob Greenyer a British subject and Mathieu Valat of France. The project’s blog doesn’t say where they are working. Team 2 is composed of Nicholas Chauvin who is apparently based in Switzerland and Ryan Hunt who is working at Hunt Utilities Group (HUG) in Pine River, Minnesota. Hunt’s experiments are those that have been shown on videos. Chauvin has apparently worked for NASA and he has also worked on LENR vehicles. Hunt is building the device in the US.

The effort will have two rounds of replications. The first is to have a number of respected researchers around the world replicate the device. The second is to offer Celani Cells for sales for anybody who wants to buy them. That means somebody who wants to try and adapt LENR for a vehicle engine can simply buy a Celani cell and start fooling around with it.

This business model worked well with for the free operating systems Linux, Ubuntu and Android. These systems are widely used today and several large companies including Red Hat now profit from them. Much of Google’s success in the wireless market has been based on free Android. Google now gives away a number of products including its Chrome Browser, Gmail, and a Chrome operating system. Google is also one of the world’s richest companies its stock trades at $744.75 a share.

Francesco Celani

If the project can succeed in getting hundreds of Celani Cells out there and dozens of inventors working on them it could create a situation much like that which occurred during the early days of the computer industry in the late 1970s. Dozens of companies most of them startups were able to bring out new technology that changed the world. One of those companies was Apple which famously started in a garage.

Just imagine what will happen when hundreds or thousands of people are working on LENR technology in garages all over the world. One or more of these people might be able to achieve a reaction that will develop into a real energy source. They may also figure out new uses for LENR that we haven’t thought of.

The Fleischmann project is not the only open source effort around. Andrea Rossi discusses his work and papers at his Journal of Nuclear Physics website. By just discussing his work openly Rossi has stirred up interest.

The Fleischmann Project might be the most exciting news in LENR this year. Hopefully other LENR developers like Andrea Rossi, Brillouin, George Miley and Defkalion will follow its lead. If they could get their devices duplicated or their technology combined with Celani’s we might get working LENR that much faster.

If this effort is successful LENR could become as widely diffused as Google Android devices. It will also lead to some new energy companies that could be bigger and more profitable than Google. The Fleischmann Project is also quite possibly the best possible tribute to a great man.


7 Responses to Open Source LENR Effort Could Lead to New Technology Boom

  • Brad Arnold says:

    Not to mention the Celani Cell will have a huge psychological effect of convincing “show me” personalities that LENR is real and practical. In my opinion, the biggest hurtle to wide-spread adoption of LENR technology is psychological rather than technical.

    • AlainCo says:

      I’m afraid that nothing can convince.
      I’ve discussed of NIWeek with engineers, and except friends and some esoteric fan, nobody accept to think about NI claims.

      people today don’t consider facts, but follow others opinions.

  • Ryan Hunt says:

    Very nice article. It is clear that you “get it”. Just a few clarifications, though: We are working as one team in multiple locations via the marvels of the internet age. Celani is not directly involved in the MFMP, but is very aware of our effort.
    Thanks for the support. We need all we can get in order to make this a truly global phenomenon.

    • jennifer says:

      Thanks I didn’t know if Celani was involved or not. He’s working with a number of groups. I wish you well. Have you talked to Brillouin at all since they seem to have money or at least access to venture capital. Hopefully Bill Gates will get onboard since a new technology source is on his wish list.

  • Ryan Hunt says:

    By the way, have you seen the trailer for the just released movie of Atlas Shrugged part 2? Compare that energy device to our version 1 test cell. We don’t have all the fancy spinning stuff and blue glow, but otherwise the resemblance is almost unsettling.

    • jennifer says:

      Thanks I haven’t seen it yet. Although I’ve heard that claim. As I recall from the book John Galt’s power source wasn’t described. It’s interesting though.

  • Mark Hugo says:

    I’ve known the HUG group, Paul, Ryan, Mike, Grant, et. al. for about 2 years.

    VERY capable. Very dedicated, and VERY OUT OF THE BOX thinkers.

    These guys are the “Edison Labs” of our time. If they post data to “support”…it will be BULLET PROOF. And, they have an “attitude problem”. I.e., NO “INVENTORS SYNDROME”, they will be up front about everything. (They aren’t totally driven by “give away” however, the establishment runs on some inovations they’ve already patented…! Good for them.)

    Mark H.