Pictures of 1 MGW E-cat Unit Now Available

The Swedish technology magazine Ny Teknik has posted the first pictures and video of Andrea Rossi’s 1 Megawatt e-cat cold fusion generator unit to the world. Rossi allowed Ny Teknik reporter Mat Lewan to examine the e-cat generator he is building there. This will apparently be the unit that will be turned over to an unnamed “American entity” for testing sometime in October.

Rossi's e-cat test unit

The unit which looks like a cargo container it is apparently a portable steam generator designed for industrial, commercial or military purposes. Ny Teknik was allowed to witness a test of it. Lewan said the unit ran for 90 minutes after receiving a thermal electric power input of 2.6 kilowatts. After the power was shut off the unit ran for 35 minutes without external energy output.

It looks like a cargo container but it could be a revolutionary energy source

The e-cat generated a temperature of 130 degrees but did not create any visible steam. Ross told Lewan that the e-cat could deliver about 27 kilowatts. These claims seem questionable since Rossi himself has stated he is not ready to generate electricity with the e-cat yet.

Water pump on the e-cat test unit

The e-cat plant Rossi intends to deliver would contain 52 E-cats. The devices are mounted along the rows of a 20 foot cargo container. The devices are connected to a valve for filling hydrogen, electric wiring and a water supply. Steam would leave the container through a valve which would apparently be connected to a turbine or other device. It is unclear whether this is the final design or simply a test model.

Hanno Essen

Lewan reported that Rossi told him the device was designed with the help of Swedish physicists Sven Kullander and Hano Essen who examined e-cat and met with Rossi at Ny Teknik’s request earlier this year. The design is apparently based on research done by Hidetsugu Ikegami who is described as a professor emeritus at Japan’s Osaka University.

This will probably be the device that Rossi and a group of scientists will test for a US organization for four months starting in October. Rossi has not stated what US organization he will be testing it for. So it could be a big corporation, the US military, the Department of Energy or even NASA or a combination of all of them.

7 Responses to Pictures of 1 MGW E-cat Unit Now Available

  • That container looks like evidence someone is doing some work in the shop. The experiment test we watched he said started at 6:30 consuming 11.2 Amps @ 220vac50hz. By 9:00 the water was boiling and by 10:30 the heaters were shut off.

    Multiply that by 52 and your using some current taking a fairly large generator.

    Thats about 582 amps @220vac or 1164 amps @ 110 or around 128k watts or around 171hp. Man thats burning alot of fuel just to boil water. Oh well I like the container blue is my favorite color.

    • jennifer says:

      Well this is the first generation technology. The Wright Flyer didn’t look that impressive either which was why so many people dismissed it. So did the first generation automobiles. My guess is that it’ll take five to ten years to get something that practically makes electricity that can actually power houses, factories, etc. Which is plenty of time to stop global warming.

  • John De Herrera says:

    In mid October there will be an announcement and demonstration of the Andrea Rossi and Sergio Focardi Energy Catalyzer (e-Cat), nickel-hydrogen reactor capable of producing thermal energy. The e-Cat is an advanced model of the ‘Cold Fusion’ reactor introduced by Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann in 1989. At the e-Cat demonstration, input and output measurements will be made by top world class scientists to confirm that the Rossi Energy Catalyzer is producing substantial amounts of energy and that a new era of clean safe energy has begun.

  • Veikko Karimaki says:

    The secret catalyst must be revealed so that independent research groups can experiment E-cat and approve its possible validity.

    If E-cat works, the inventor would be awarded for example the millennium price (1M€) which would give him financial security. I am sure the invention, if true, would deserve that.

  • G_Zingh says:

    The inventor has spent millions of dollars of his own money and years of his life to bring this technology to humanity. He has a greater motivation to see this though than any one else. Why take away his ability to perfect this tech by depriving him of corporate secrets and the ability to generate income from his invention and continue R&D?

    If validation by the science establishment was so important why did they not invent this themselves? Why did they help create an atmosphere where cold fusion was ridiculed?

    • jennifer says:

      Nobody is planning to do that. I hope Mr. Rossi becomes the richest man in the world. Note Rossi is not the first great inventor treated this way by the science establishment. The Wright Brothers were ignored by it after they invented the airplane. Establishment scientists sponsored by the Smithsonian Institution even tried to perpetuate a hoax claiming that another inventor (who had the appropriate doctorate) had invented the plane first. Cold fusion has been ridiculed because it hasn’t been proved. Looks like that’s about to change. The science establishment is not in the invention business they’re in the get the biggest taxpayer subsidy business. They hate the idea that some guy in the backroom is able to do science better than they are.