Record Temperatures Provide Evidence of Global Warming and Demonstrate Need for LENR Research

Home destroyed by wildfire in Manorville New York on Long Island this week courtesy AP.

Rising temperatures provide evidence that global warming is real and has begun. The increasing temperatures also provide a compelling reason to start major investments into Low Energy Nuclear Reaction or cold fusion research.

Last month was the warmest March on record in the mainland United States. The average temperature in the country was 51.1 degrees Fahrenheit which is 8.6 degrees warmer than the historic average. January to March 2012 was the warmest first quarter of the year on record. April 2011-March 2012 was the warmest 12 months on record according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. MSNBC reports that 15,292 high temperatures were broken in the US alone in March 2012 that figured included 7,775 daytime highs in cities across the country.

The world seems to be getting warmer and it has had some terrible results. Much of the United States is currently in a drought. Texas has been caught in a terrible drought in which reservoirs are drying up for over a year. Dry conditions in Colorado led to a terrible wildfire outside Denver in which three people died. Other wildfires have been reported on Long Island just outside New York City,  in New Jersey, in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley and even in the Florida Everglades. Officials in Western states like Colorado are expecting a terrible wildfire season because of the dry conditions.

Mother Nature is sending us a wake up call in the form of these high temperatures. It is time to get serious about new technologies that can provide a real alternative to fossil fuels. Technologies like low energy nuclear reaction which can provide large amounts of heat to make steam to generate electricity, power vehicles and heat homes and businesses without creating any greenhouse gases.

The last year has seen compelling claims about LENR or cold fusion from Andrea Rossi, Defkalion, Brillouin, Francesco Celani, George Miley and even NASA. Rossi, Defkalion and Brilliouin all claim to be on the verge of commercializing LENR technology. Even NASA is so confident that it is willing to come out and publicize its efforts.

It is obvious that LENR could be a legitimate solution to our energy problems and global warming. It is time for government, big business, Philanthropists, scientists and universities to wake up and start putting serious money into LENR research. If Rossi, Brillouin and Defkalion can produce such results with modest sums of money what could large teams of scientists and engineers do with big money?

We wouldn’t even have to raise taxes or new funds. We could simply divert the funds being wasted on silly green technology like solar and wind mills to LENR. As Robert George of Brillouin has pointed none of the green technology being promoted by the Obama administration could produce the level of energy we need. LENR conceivably could do that.

Firefighters trying to save condominiums near Pigeon Forge Tennessee from wildfire AP

It is time for us to pressure our political leaders to put some real funds into LENR research. A serious effort at the US Department of Energy would be a good start. An ideal solution would be an international LENR effort similar to ITER (the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor being built in France). Now I would be against diverting funds from hot to cold fusion. Instead we should put the same kind of effort into low energy nuclear reaction that we put into hot fusion.

We also need to demand that billionaire philanthropists such as Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and Jeff Bezos follow Sidney Kimmel’s lead and start making major investments in LENR. Another group we could pressure would be big companies like Exxon, Shell and BP they claim they’re more than oil companies. Demand that they live up to those arrogant claims by investing some money in LENR.

The high temperatures, drought and wildfires are the wake up call. We need to heed it and get serious about low energy nuclear reaction. If we don’t a lot of innocent people are going to suffer needlessly.

2 Responses to Record Temperatures Provide Evidence of Global Warming and Demonstrate Need for LENR Research

  • Chris Smith says:

    And I was just starting to consider this a credible site. Your assumption that record highs in the first quarter are the harbinger of Global Warming is absurd. Never mind record lows in Europe all winter, if some bit of news supports your position – you publish.

    • jennifer says:

      The scary thing is that we don’t know if the record highs are the harbingers of Global Warming although it is a safe assumption. Something else that frightens me is that the record lows in Europe could be caused by the same thing. The frightening thing is we really don’t know how all the carbon we’re pumping into the air will affect the weather. Global warming is just one disturbing possibility.