Rossi E-cat Undergoing Third Party Validation and R&D

Andre Rossi has once again let slip information that indicates his ecat low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) technology is no longer under his control. In a September 20, post on his blog Rossi stated that ecat validation and research and development (R&D) work is being shared with what he called a “Team.”


Andrea Rossi at his Italian facilities in an undated picture

He also stated that the members of the team are unable to reveal the results of the work to the public at this time. That would indicate they are operating under some sort of a nondisclosure agreement or “gag order.” Rossi also noted that the validation work is being done by a third party while the research and development work appears to be going on in house.

The Third Party validation work is being done by some entity or group besides Rossi’s Leonardo Corporation and the mysterious customer he refuses to identify. Rossi state that the results of the validation will be published independently by what he calls college professors. That could mean Hanno Essen, Giuseppe Levi and other college professors who have worked with Rossi in the past. It could also be some other group of academics who have had some experience with cold fusion or LENR.

Rossi also admitted that the validation and Third Party R&D work is being done on two different ecat units in two different locations. Rossi stated that he is the chief scientist in charge of the research and development work. He also stated that the validation is going on elsewhere.

One of the modules that make up Rossi's eCat

Interestingly enough Rossi admitted that he did not know when and where the third party validators would publish their work. In the past Rossi has claimed that some of this work has been going on in the United States but has presented no proof of those claims.

So what do we make of these claims. Basically that Rossi is having his ecat tested by outside parties. Those outside parties have no contact with Rossi which lends to the credence to speculations that Rossi is no longer in control of ecat.

Celani Loses Funding

In the bad news department the 22Passi blog is reporting that Francesco Celani has lost funding for his LENR experiments at Italy’s National Institute of Nuclear Physics. Hopefully Celani will be able to find some additional funding perhaps through the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project which is working to popularize and commercialize his work. The loss of funding proves how vital open sourced funding efforts like the Fleischman Project are to the future of LENR and energy research in general.

In the good news department, the Hunt Utilities Group team in the Martin Fleischmann Project is reporting some more progress. Hopefully they will be able to pick up where Celani has left off.



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