Rossi Gets US Patent Possibly on Ecat

Andrea Rossi’s Leonardo Corporation has received a United States Patent that could cover his Ecat low energy nuclear reaction (LENR). Interestingly enough the patent US 9,115,913 B1 dated August 25, 2015, does not mention LENR, cold fusion or the words Ecat or energy catalyzer.

Instead it is for a device called a Fluid Heater. Andrea Rossi is listed as the inventor and his company Leonardo Corporation is listed as the assignee or owner. The Fluid Heater is described as:

“An apparatus for heating fluid includes a tank for holding fluid to be heated, and a fuel wafer in fluid communication with the fluid. The fuel wafer includes a fuel mixture including reagents and a catalyst, and an electrical resistor or other heat source in thermal communication with the fuel mixture and the catalyst.”

Okay that sounds a great like LENR or cold fusion. Drawings of the device included in the application look nothing like the ecat. Rossi himself stated that the patent covered both his original ecat and the newer hot ecat design he has been working on in a short interview posted at Mats Lewan the author of an Impossible Invention thinks the US patent only covers Rossi’s older low temperature ecat.

I am no attorney but it looks to me as if the patent is deliberately written not to contain Rossi’s formulas. It mentions a “composition of matter for generating heat that includes porosity nickel powder, lithium powder and lithium aluminum powder that is used to initiate a nickel exothermic reaction.”

What’s interesting is that neither Industrial Heat LLC which purchased Rossi’s technology last year nor its parent Cherokee Partners are mentioned in the patent. Although Industrial Heat LLC has applied for an international patent related to ENERGY-PRODUCING REACTION DEVICES, SYSTEMS AND RELATED METHODS.

The abstract at the World Intellectual Property Organization’s website describes that as:

“A reactor device includes a reaction chamber; one or more thermal units in thermal communication with the reaction chamber configured to transfer thermal energy to the reaction chamber; and a refractory layer between the reaction chamber and the one or more thermal units.”

The inventors are listed as Andrea Rossi (US) and Thomas Barker Dameron (US) I do not know who the second inventor is. A Google source turned up no scientists by that name.

The abstract does list an address for Industrial Heat LLC: 111 East Hargett Street Suite 300 Raleigh, North Carolina 27601. A Google maps search and Linked In indicate that is the address for Cherokee Partners’ Thomas Darden’s hedge fund which owns Industrial Heat LLC. The US patent simply lists Leonardo Corp and Andrea Rossi’s address as Miami Beach, Florida.

It is not clear how these patents will affect other LENR development work such as that done by Alexander G. Parkohomov in Russia. Nor is it clear how this affect other LENR patents such as the one held by Francessco Piantelli. Parkohomov’s work is apparently based upon Rossi’s. Something that must be pointed out here that the existence of a patent does not mean that commercialization is imminent. Rossi has had an Italian patent since 2011. Nor is it clear how much legal protection this will provide Rossi.



2 Responses to Rossi Gets US Patent Possibly on Ecat

  • Jon says:

    So does this patent imply that there is no cold fusion at work, since the reaction equations in the patent are purely chemical reactions with no nuclear transmutations at work?

    • jennifer says:

      Good question I do not know. Fascinating point. Of course I wouldn’t put it past Rossi to insert disinformation to keep somebody from replicating the process. He seems that paranoid. Why not ask Rossi