Rossi Plans Demonstration, Piantelli Has New Patent

Andrea Rossi is planning yet another “public demonstration” of his ecat low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) technology. He also claims to have new partners to replace Industrial Heat and Tom Darden; with whom he is now in an all-out legal war.

On May 7, 2016; Rossi made the lowing post on his blog:

“Peter Metz:

This preliminary demonstration will be given to our Partners and it will be fundamental to decide the eventual scheduling of our work. If of course, these partners; actually exist.

Any information related to it is, obviously, classified. When I say “Partner” I mean also our new allies with which we are preparing the massive production of the product.


Thank you for your wishes to our great team.

Warm Regards,


The partners are not identified, hopefully that relationship will work out better than the one with Darden and company.

Fleischmann Project Unveils super-hot LENR Device

Rossi is planning to put a demonstration of his next model; the ecat X, on line sometime, other posts at his blog indicate.  Possibly to counter the work of the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project which seems to put everything online as dictated by its open-sourced philosophy.

The project has been posting a lot of pictures online lately including ones of its glow stick; an LENR device, that reportedly generates temperatures of up to 1050 Celsius (1922 Fahrenheit) if the Project’s Facebook page can be believed.

This means the project seems to be as close or closer to developing working LENR than Rossi. They may have also duplicated Rossi’s processes; which could be why the inventor has become so upset and litigious lately.

Piantelli Patents Improvement to LENR Process

Francesco Piantelli and company have received yet another LENR patent from the European Union. EP 2754156 A2 is for a “Method and apparatus for generating energy by nuclear reactions of hydrogen adsorbed by orbital capture on a nanocrystalline structure of a metal” according to Google.

Technical problems: to increase the energy that can be obtained and to make it possible an adjusting the power supplied according to a method and an apparatus to obtain energy by nuclear reactions between hydrogen and a primary material of an active core comprising cluster crystal nanostructures a transition metal, where the hydrogen is kept in contact in a generation chamber,” an abstract states.

It sounds as if Piantelli has developed a more effective method of controlling his reactions. If that’s true he could be close to creating a commercially viable process. Perhaps Darden should do business with him and forget about Rossi.


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  • Johnson says:

    Perhaps Darden should do business with him and forget about Rossi … what and risk getting ripped off by Industrial Heat you know they are good at that.