Rossi threatens Puppeteers with Law Suit Celani’s CERN LENR Presentation Available


Andrea Rossi and Steven Krivit of New Energy Times, Krivit is presumably one of the puppets

Andrea Rossi is now threatening to sue the puppeteers the shadowy group he blames for smearing his reputation and his ecat in the press and online. Rossi did not identify the “puppeteers” or their “puppets” although New Energy Times and the New Energy Institute would presumably be among them. Dick Smith could be another target.

Rossi made the threat in a post on his online forum on March 27, 2012. He did state that he would not file the suit until after ecat is in production. Rossi also didn’t say where he would file the suit. If he filed in the USA it would probably be thrown out of court because he is a public figure. American law generally allows the press and others to say almost whatever they want about public figures.

It might be possible for Rossi to file in other countries such as Britain. Such a suit would not cover statements made in the American press or by residents of the USA. Rossi also stated that any money he made from the lawsuit would be given to families of children with cancer. He stated that he had already chosen these children and their families.

Here’s his post on the issue:

·  Andrea Rossi

March 27th, 2012 at 8:13 AM

Dear Antonella:
We know perfectly who some puppeteers are: our intelligence system is working together with the Law Firm we have engaged for this issue. We are collecting and analyzing every single phrase the Puppets, Snakes (and Clowns) are publishing in paper press and in Internet. We prefer not to sue puppets and puppeteers ( and Clowns) so far because we will be stronger when our working plants will be public: at that point we will give to the Court all the necessary evidence to win both on criminal and in civilistic fields this battle. For now we are just preparing all the necessary publications, comments, evidence, documents, addresses, etc, etc. I start the battles when I am sure to win. So far they had the sensation that our Group can be libeled for free: it is not so. All the proceeds that we will earn from these trials will be donated to families we have already selected that need money to cure the cancer of their children.
If you are interested to this issue or have information for us, please contact
[email protected]
Thank you for your kind attention,
Warm Regards,

Rossi made another interesting statement in his blog on March 24. Bernie Koppenhofer asked about the 1MW ecat LENR plant that was supposedly sold the military (the US military). Rossi didn’t deny that the plant was sold to the Pentagon as internet speculation keeps alleging instead. He made this statement:

Andrea Rossi

March 24th, 2012 at 7:53 PM

Dear Bernie Koppenhofer:
Maybe I will have the permission to give this information.
Warm Regards,

This is interesting so the rumors about the military and ecat could be true.

Celani at CERN

Video of Francesco Celani’s Overview of Theoretical and Experimental Progress in LENR is available online. Unfortunately it’s not in Youtube. You can view it here. Celani gave the presentation on Thursday March 22, at CERN’s Council Chamber in Geneva. CERN or the European Organization for Nuclear Research is the world’s largest nuclear research organization. Francesco Celani is a member of Cold Fusion Energy Inc and in the past he has claimed to have achieved cold fusion in his laboratory.

David Niebauer

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