Rossi Working with Largest Electronics Company in Europe on Steam Technology

Engineers from Europe’s largest electronics and electronic company Siemens AG are helping Andrea Rossi in his efforts to develop a steam engine powered by his ecat cold fusion device.

Siemens engineers reportedly visited Rossi’s facility in Bologna and demonstrated a  turbine that can generate power from steam at temperatures as low as 231 Celsius (484 Fahrenheit). That could make it possible to generate steam with the ecat and use it to produce electricity or to power ships, trains or industrial equipment. Rossi made this revelation to American blogger and writer Frank Acland of ecat

Rossi did not whether he has any sort of deal with Siemens or if he had any plans to buy the steam turbine technology. Nor did he say if Siemens has purchased an ecat or if the giant German company is an investor in his Leonardo Corp.


Rossi did tell Acland that he thinks this is a significant development in attempts to employ LENR devices to generate electricity. Presently all Rossi’s ecat unit can do is heat water and generate small amounts of steam.

Rossi also admitted to Acland that he has had to redesign and rebuild his 1.5 Megawatt ecat module. This device is supposed to generate 1.5 megawatts of heat not electricity This device was demonstrated in October but never shipped to Rossi’s customer. Rossi said his customer was a military organization he cannot name. Unverified internet speculation has identified as DARPA an arm of the US military. Rossi also admitted that no work has been done on the other 11 ecat plants customers have ordered.

Rossi once again elaborated on his proposed 10 Kilowatt ecat home heating device. He said it would weigh around 20 pounds and about one foot in length and diameter. Once again said it will be available next year and cost between $600 and $900 US. The devices are supposed to be made at a plant in the US. The devices would only be made in the US but shipped all over the world.

Rossi also stated that he will publish his “theory” on which ecat is based next fall. He didn’t say where but he also claimed it will take five years to patent ecat because of legal difficulties.

Siemens HQ

Siemens is a multinational conglomerate that makes everything from steam irons to electric trains. Siemens headquarters are in Munich, Germany, and it’s been around in one form or another since 1847. It currently employees 360,000 people in 190 countries and had revenues of $190 billion US (142 billion Euros) in 2011. If Rossi could get onboard with it he would have the resources he needs to complete his work.

From this it sounds like Rossi is making some progress but he hasn’t got his technology to work yet. Perhaps it would be better if Rossi would sell his technology to a company like Siemens and let them complete the work.



12 Responses to Rossi Working with Largest Electronics Company in Europe on Steam Technology

  • Harold says:

    “Perhaps it would be better if Rossi would sell his technology to a company like Siemens and let them complete the work”

    What would be fair price for this technology? If you were Rossi would you sell? There are two concerns with this approach. The amount Rossi gets from selling it today, would never come close to how much he stands to make, by continuing alone. Second, once a large corporation gets its hands on this, technology, it might be persuaded to suppress it, by other influential players, like the oil industry, or governments. Then ordinary people will not benefit from it.

    • jennifer says:

      Why would a big corporation like Siemens suppress a potential source of income? Siemens would have the resources to perfect the technology and resist the political pressures. It would also add credibility to the process. Fortunately Rossi isn’t listening to people like you. If he did the technology would get suppressed.

  • EnergyGuy says:

    Siemens is a global corporation. If Siemens buys the E-CAt technology, and acts like other global corporations have done in the past when confronted with new outside-the-box technology, they could shelve it indefinitely. I would, given the Germans though, trust Siemens much more than a firm like General Electric of the U.S.

    • jennifer says:

      Siemens like all corporations has one goal to make money for its stockholders. Why would they shelve something that would make them money? More likely they will produce and sell it. It sounds like you’ve been watching too much TV. The only place I’ve ever seen big corporations acting like that is on reruns of “Touched by an Angel.”

  • Grauber says:

    quote ” and let them complete the work”.

    Thats the problem – Rossi knows, that if he sells the tecnology to someone, it would be denied and done for political reasons.

    The moneychangers do not want to raise reliable ressources, they only want to sale energy – as expensive and as much as they can.
    The worlds political power is based on oil – think of that.

    • jennifer says:

      Gee wouldn’t the moneychangers want to make money from it. The world’s political power is based on money not on oil. PS who are the money changers? If the technology works and it will make money it will be produced and made public. There is no secret group of moneychangers out there trying to prevent that. It’s just your paranoid fantasy. Siemens willingness to work with Rossi disproves your notions.

  • NH says:

    Siemens and giant corporations that are similar are extremely vested within the oil technologies, lock, stock, and barrel. The energy industry is a $200 trillion dollar industry, coal, oil, gas, nuclear. The outside pressure for change will be extremely slow while stock-holders transition to new technology. They would delay as long as they are lobbied to delay. The bigger the company the longer it takes the wheel to turn. THey would also attempt to drive costs up to make the technology competitive to existing energy costs. Standard business allows you to charge as much as the market allows, existing rule of thumb (unfortunately). Don’t underestimate the powers that manipulate these markets. They want suppression bigtime. Siemens is controlled by political pressure.

    • jennifer says:

      So who are they anyway I’d really like to know. Personally I think hysteria and prejudice like yours is a far bigger threat than the bogeymen you’re afraid of. PS check under your bed they might hiding there watching you.

  • Kyle says:

    The even bigger picture you are missing (outside of the fact that there are absolutely all sorts of pressures to keep alternative energy stifled) is the fact that a giant corporation who owns that patents on technology such as this would ruin the current concept of it. Rossi wants to release the information to all on how the tech works, and offer working models at a very fair rate. Even if a large corporation were to sell the unit cheaply, I guarantee the fuel source would be astronomical.

    I’m not really a conspiracy theorist…but look at how our world works. Look at where all the money goes. Subsidies in the billions go to Oil companies that already profit in the billions….yet we barely make any sort of dent in R&D for alternative energy in the US. How that makes sense to anyone is beyond me. Also if you look back through history, we have had things already created (ie electric cars) decades ago….that just dissapeared. It’s a sad state of affairs, but we can change it by promoting the right things and politicians.

    • jennifer says:

      It is obvious you do not understand economics Kyle. Generally the cheaper you sell stuff the more money you make. Sam Walton became the richest man on earth by doing that. A big company would presumably sell it for the cheapest price possible. As for history isn’t it interesting that you don’t have any examples of what you’re saying. PS it is the politicians that will let you down every time.

  • Kyle says:

    So please explain to me why oil companies sell gas at the price they do? Would people buy more gas if it were cheaper? Of course they would, but because there is a stranglehold on the supply by a few companies and we depend on the product they can charge any price they want. They can milk insane profits out of their product.

    Here are some examples for you… I don’t feel like wasting any more time trying to inform someone so ignorant.

    PS Yes politicians let us down because people such as yourself are ignorant of the facts and don’t take the time to research what someone really stands for.

    • jennifer says:

      Why do you keep saying the same thing over again. I’m not buying your argument Kyle although you’re free to make it. PS if what you were saying were true the oil company hit men would have already liquidated you. As for politicians well the only way to find out what they really stand for is see what they do when they are in office. And please don’t call people ignorant it is childish.