Some New Energy Technologies not working as Advertised

Recent news stories have exposed some serious limitations to a few of the next generation energy technologies our leaders are promoting as solutions to problems like global warming. These stories should serve as a wakeup call and strong evidence why we need to research options like low energy nuclear reaction or LENR.

The most interesting story is that solar power is not as reliable as we thought. Bloomberg reported that an eclipse on March 20 had German and other utilities scrambling to turn on backup systems for solar panels. On some sunny days up to 40% of Germany’s electricity is provided by solar panels.

The utilities had to figure how to quickly switch on backup systems such as natural gas  fired turbines when the sun went dark and solar panels stopped feeding juice into the system. The amount of electricity needed could be massive Germany gets around 38 gigawatts of electricity from the sun.

That should concern Americans because some areas of the US are also heavily dependent on solar power. California utilities used around 1,000 megawatts of solar generated electricity to make up for power lost when a drought shut down hydroelectric dams last year. Massive new solar projects are under construction in some parts of the Western US.

So called clean coal technology is even more problematic. The Kemper generating station in Mississippi which is designed to turn coal into gas was supposed to cost $2.8 billion to build, its price tag is now $6.2 billion and utility customers are paying electric bills that are 18% higher because of it.

Another coal gasification project the Rockport plant in Southern Indiana was so expensive that it was eventually abandoned. Another gasification plant in Indiana the Edwardsport Power Plant is now $1 billion over budget and climbing.

One has to wonder what LENR researchers like Andrea Rossi or Alexander G. Parkhomov could achieve with $1 billion to play with. It is time for taxpayers and others to start holding government and business accountable and demanding that money be spent to develop new energy sources not to keep 19th Century technologies like coal gas alive.