Some Stories you May Have missed

Here is a roundup of stories from around the world of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) and technology you may have missed.


Airbus's gigantic A380 airliner. A flying hotel.



Airbus Reportedly Interested in LENR

A French scientist named Jean-François Geneste claims that the giant European aerospace company Airbus Group is interested in LENR, New Energy Times reported in January. Geneste who is apparently an aeronautical engineer claimed to be Airbus’s Chief Scientist works with Airbus Group Innovations a sort of think tank connected to the company.

“The title of Mr. Geneste is VP Chief Scientist,” Christine (Eirainer) Manderscheid wrote in an email to New Energy Times. Airbus refused to say if it was actually working on LENR.


The Airbus A400 military transport plane.



Geneste made several claims about LENR and Airbus at a conference organized by a Swiss businessman Michel Vandenberghe at Oxford University’s Magdalen College in England, New Energy Times’ Steven B. Krivit reported. Vandenberghe is the man behind LENR-Cities a startup which has vague plans to develop LENR.

Geneste did not say what Airbus would do with LENR, most likely it would try to develop LENR powered jets. The reaction would be used to generate large amounts of heat for the jet without fuel. NASA scientist Joseph M. Zawodny at the Langley Research Center revealed that he was working on an LENR type device designed to be a next generation power source for air and spacecraft in 2012.

Such a jet could be a real game changer because it could greatly increase the cargo jets could carry and their range because they would no longer need to carry all that fuel or stop for refueling. There could be obviously be numerous civilian and military applications for such a technology. Airbus builds both civilian airliners and military aircraft.

Hyperloop Testing Underway

The first working prototype of Elon Musk’s Hyperloop transportation system has been built by students at the University of Illinois, ZDNet reported. A full scale working model of the Hyperloop is being built in downtown Los Angeles by a company called Hyperloop Tech which has raised $8 million for the project. Musk himself is planning to build a Hyperloop test track at the Hawthorne, California, facility of his rocket company SpaceX and hold a contest to test hyperloop pods there.


An Artist's Conception of what the inside of the Hyperloop might look like.



Another ecat Replication Effort

An organization called One Power Association or Ugo Abundo (unfortunately I do not recognize the language but I think it is Italian) is working attempt to duplicate Alexander G. Parkohomov’s replication of Andrea Rossi’s hot ecat device, the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project’s Facebook revealed. Unfortunately the page did not say who these people are or where they are located.


A picture of one of One Power Association's experiments courtesy Ugo Abundo



Pictures of their experiments and some details including plans to assemble a second reactor are posted online in this document. The pictures are impressive and the effort is obviously well financed. One has to wonder how many other such efforts are going on out there and what they are discovering. This is truly an exciting time to be alive.



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