Strange Wind Storage Project Proves What’s Wrong with Renewable Energy

A proposal for a gigantic energy project in Utah shows what’s wrong with renewable energy and why we need to invest in next generation technologies such as low energy nuclear reaction (LENR). Four companies want to spend $8 billion to build a facility they claim can store wind.

The “Hoover Dam of Wind Energy” or the Pathfinder project would include a $4 billion wind farm near Chugwater, Wyoming and an underground storage facility in which pressurized air would be stored. The $1.5 billion underground facility would store 41 million cubic feet of air in caverns near Delta, Utah. The air would be released to turn the turbines and make electricity. There would also be a $2.6 billion transmission line to connect the project to Los Angeles.

Renewable energy boosters like to call LENR crazy and far-fetched. Well compared to LENR this project is positively insane. There’s no guarantee it will work but $8 billion would be spent on it. Just imagine if that $8 billion could be spent on energy research.

Another problem with this plan is the giant power line. One nutcase with a bulldozer or a few pounds of plastic explosives could destroy the transmission line and black out all of Los Angeles. In other words this project promotes dependence on the grid and benefits large centralized corporations at the expensive of taxpayers and utility customers.

Something is wrong when organizations like the Martin Fleischman Memorial Project and Brillouin are literally begging for money for research but large corporations are investing in this. Even if you don’t like LENR there’s lots of other next generation technology out there that makes more sense than this nonsense.

Fuel cells which make electricity directly from chemical reactions, hot fusion, small scale nuclear reactors. Worst of all Pathfinder is made possible by California state law which mandates the use of “renewable electricity.”

One has to wonder how long average people and taxpayers are going to tolerate this nonsense. It looks like high electricity bills, grid dependence and wasted tax money are all renewable energy can bring us. Average people need to start pushing for real alternatives such as LENR and say no to renewable energy and the giant corporations pushing it on us.

3 Responses to Strange Wind Storage Project Proves What’s Wrong with Renewable Energy

  • Roger Bird says:

    LENR is real and it is on it’s way.

  • lee mesibov says:

    You need to really start getting the low energy nuclear reaction units out into the mainstream. Most people have never heard of it. I have only because I worked at a DOE national lab. You also need to work harder on getting find big time funding.

    • jennifer says:

      You need to send this message to people like Rossi and Brillouin. My guess is people will notice it when it starts working and affecting their lives. Much like other technologies.