The Energy Catalyzer Can Help Spread Democracy, Freedom and Peace

Andrea Rossi’s energy catalyzer could help increase democracy, freedom and peace in the world. It has long been noted that oil wealth finances undemocratic regimes.

Andrea Rossi's Energy Catalzyer Could Bring Freedom to Countries like Iran

The monarchy in Saudi Arabia, the Islamic Republic in Iran, Col. Khadafy’s insanity in Libya, the terrorist regime in Sudan and Hugo Chavez’s brand of socialism in Venezuela are among the despotisms that rely on oil money to keep themselves in power. The development of a new energy source such as the e-cat would deprive such dictators and would be dictators of the money they need to keep themselves in power. Secret policemen and storm troopers don’t work for free, they want cold hard cash no matter what ideology their boss is professing this week.

The e-cat could do more for these things than so called revolutions.

Such things have happened before, part of the reason the Soviet Union collapsed was that the low price of oil in the 1980s deprived the Kremlin of the funds it needed to run its empire. New sources of energy that do not rely upon oil would also end the need for governments in Europe and the United States to prop up such dictators.

With a new source of energy, America could end the Carter Doctrine which requires it to fight in the Middle East to protect the oil. That could end destabilizing wars and some of the causes for terrorism. It could also enable the US to cut its defense budget and limit military involvement to fighting real terrorists.

The cheap energy provided by the energy catalyzer could initiate a wave of revolutionary changes that spread freedom and peace similar to what new communications technologies did in the last twenty years. We recently saw how the internet and mobile phones created the Arab spring that brought down tyrants in Egypt and Tunisia and fatally weakened terror regimes in Syria and Libya.

The e-cat could inspire even greater changes that would make us all freer. It could also free many people from dependence on energy grids controlled by big government and big business thus weakening the power of both.

The face of freedom Andrea Rossi demonstrates his energy catalyzer.

The e-cat could provide the power source for all sorts of new industrial, agricultural and technological activities that would generate vast amounts of new wealth and improve people’s lives. That would increase peace and stability and increase the spread of democracy. Finally by eliminating the need to pay large huge amounts of money for energy it would give average large amounts of new wealth to improve their lives. That would definitely make the world a better, freer and more peaceful place.