What E-Cat Could Mean to Average People

Furnaces like this one could be replaced by family power plants if Andrea Rossi’s e-cat cold fusion process is widely adopted.

A great deal is being said about Andrea Rossi’s E-cat cold fusion reactor and how it could change the world. Unfortunately little is being written about how it might affect the lives of average people.

The biggest impact people in the United States and Europe could see from the energy catalyzer is in their own homes. The e-cat could replace the gas burning furnaces found in most Americans’ basements. The device would generate heat for the home and electricity. That means everybody could effectively go off the grid no matter where they lived.

It could also turn the monthly electricity bill into a check from the electric company. In the United States, federal law requires power companies to buy electricity generated by private individuals. That means one day in the near future, the average family could be able to generate all of its own energy and sell some back to the utility company.

This would obviously mean a huge change in the way that we live and it could make our world a very different place. Rossi has contracted with a company in Greece to put e-cat into commercial production. A working model of the e-Cat is scheduled to be unveiled in October. The world could be a very different place.


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  • John De Herrera says:

    The output from the e-cat is heat. The easiest application for use of this heat is for heating water; either home or industrial or both. Heated water or other liquid could also be used for home or industrial building heating by blowing room air over this heated water circulating in a radiator. Perhaps small e-cat heaters could be mass produced for home water heaters, like the tank-less heaters now being manufactured.