What LENR Heat Could Mean to the Average Family

Too often promoters of new technologies like low energy nuclear reaction fail to consider what these might mean for the average family. The potential benefits of this technology to average families that have to worry about things like heating bills are lost in all the arrogant talk of transforming civilization or flying to the stars.


Andrea Rossi with prototype ecat heater

Yet LENR could have a huge impact on the lives of average American, Canadian, European or Russian families. The average American family that has to heat the average home for several months of the year will spend around $1,842 if they use the most common heating fuel: natural gas. A family that uses the next most common fuel propane would spend around $3,409 a year to heat their home.

Comparison of cost of heating methods in New England


A family in an older home in New England or New York that burned heating oil would spend around $2,333 a year. Those who used electricity would spend around $5,385 a year. In a colder climate a family using a supposedly more method such as an electric or natural gas heat pump would spend $3,120 to heat. Now keep in mind these are just estimates persons using older furnaces or living in large homes could spend more.

If LENR could cut this cost in half it would cut $921 from the average family’s budget. This may not be a lot of money to somebody like Andrea Rossi or Dick Smith but it’s quite a bit to the average family trying to make ends meet. For a family that has to rely on the federal government’s Low Income Energy Assistance Program that will be an even bigger savings.

The US media is reporting that poorer families in Maine cannot drive their cars because of energy costs. CBS news even reported that some families from Washington State have left their homes and moved to shanty towns in the California Desert to stay warm.

Just imagine the boost to the economy if the average family were to have $921 or $2,000 or more a year. They could spend it on car payments, groceries, etc. More importantly they could improve their lifestyle.

The savings could be even greater because families spend money to cool their homes in the summer and heat water all year long. Rossi’s ecat apparently could be used to run a heat pump for cooling and to heat hot water. If most of the average family’s energy bill could be eliminated the savings would be huge. The boost to the economy would be huge because billions that were formerly spent on heating fuel would be spent on consumer goods.

Andrea Rossi estimates that an LENR heating device would cost between $500 and $900 to install. He estimates that it would cost about $1 a month to heat a home with it. That means the family would save money the first year they hooked up. If they lived in the United States they would probably receive a tax credit for hooking up an alternative energy heating unit.

The bottom line is that LENR could improve the financial situation of the average American family. It would obviously help the average Canadian, European, Chinese or Russian family too. Millions of families would have to stop worrying about the choice between heat and food. Some of our poorest people including senior citizens, the disabled and the unemployed would benefit the most.

Hopefully the claims that Defkalion, Rossi’s Leonardo Corp and others are about to go into production with these devices are true. If they are it will benefit real people right here in the real world. Maybe helping average families save money is passé to those dreaming about the stars but to me it sounds like a wonderful idea.