Why is there so Much Resistance to LENR?

Even though Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) seems to be the best hope for solving humanity’s energy problems there seems to be a lot of resistance to it. Why are people including scientists, politicians and businessmen so reluctant to acknowledge the New Fire’s potential?

Part of the reason is the nature of cold fusion or the New Fire, it is simply outside most people’s understanding. Most people simply don’t know what it is and those that do reject it because mainstream science rejects it. The media refuses to cover LENR in the US largely because organized science has rejected it or worse branded it a fraud. The failure of government to acknowledge cold fusion has similar origins.

So why are scientists and others so reluctant to even take a look at LENR? Even when there is quite a bit of evidence that there is a real phenomenon that should be investigated? Here are a few hypothesizes:


  • The failure of LENR researchers, particularly early cold fusion researchers to come up with a reaction that could be sustained or replicated. This was what really doomed Pons and Fleischman. Even though this has been corrected it still plagues the field.


  • The questionable and unrealistic claims made by some LENR developers such as Andrea Rossi. Current inventors have trouble making a sustained reaction but some of them claim to be on the verge of generating electricity.


  • The unrealistic expectations of some New Fire enthusiasts. Researchers have barely scratched the surface yet there those who expect LENR powered cars will be on sale next week. Anything is possible but it’ll probably take years of research and development just to get a working LENR steam turbine up and running.


  • A poor understanding of how long it really takes to develop and commercialize new technologies. The internet was invented in 1969 but it took over twenty years to get it to a point where average people could use it. The creation and commercialization of other technologies such as television, the automobile, airplanes and personal computers took even longer. Despite what some people think the speed at which new technologies can be rolled out has not increased.


  • Politics within the world of science. Examples of such politics include: Physicists that don’t like the idea of chemists or electrochemists demonstrating that there is a phenomenon that proves their pet theories wrong. Large research institutions afraid of being shown up by backroom inventors. Hot fusion and other researchers afraid of losing funding if cold fusion is proved viable. Science has now become so politicized that certain kinds of research are now impossible within some large institutions. Fear that research into cold fusion will subject researchers to ridicule or ostracism by self-proclaimed skeptics. Fear that such political pressures will destroy scientific careers.


  • The lack of interest in the New Fire from large institutions such as universities which makes it difficult to get LENR taken seriously as science. This is largely driven by the scientific politics mentioned above.


What is not mentioned here is any sort of conspiracy involving oil companies or the military. Instead of a conspiracy we have petty politics, emotions, bitterness and closed minds. In other words LENR has been hindered because scientists and others behaved like well, human beings. Conspiracy instead becomes a crutch for those who don’t like the way the world works and want something to blame its problems upon.

Conspiracy Stupidity Threatens LENR’s Credibility

Those who take such conspiracies seriously should reconsider their positions. The notion about a conspiracy against Free Energy is spread by groups like Thrive and Zeitgeist. These organizations promote ridiculous conspiracy theories that sound a lot like Nazi and Communist propaganda. Their beliefs have strong anti-Semitic overtones to them. Zeitgeist even claims that humanity is on the verge of a golden age in which nobody will have to work. That is the Communist utopia promised by Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot and Fidel Castro we’re still waiting for it.

The basic mantra of both Thrive and Zeitgeist is that humanity is on the verge of a golden age but the golden age is being blocked by a conspiracy of evil bankers. These evil bankers are responsible for the world’s problems. That sounds a lot like Nazi propaganda which blamed Jewish bankers for the world’s problems. It also sounds suspiciously like Stalinism which blamed the Soviet Union’s failure to create utopia on a secret conspiracy. In both cases the secret conspiracy became a cause for mass murder.

The association with such lunacy is sure to discredit LENR and make it harder to get anybody to take it seriously. Thrive is particularly nutty among other things it alleges that aliens have provided humanity with free energy technology but the evil bankers are stopping it from being adopted. The Thrive movie that’s been posted online also contains footage of David Icke a British conspiracy theorist who believes that the Queen, President Obama and George W. Bush are all alien lizards.

Those who wish to achieve the potential of LENR need to overcome both scientific resistance and conspiracy stupidity. Fortunately researchers like Francesco Celani have gone a long away to overcoming this resistance by demonstrating successful LENR devices. The work of men like Rossi and Celani and groups like the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project disproves both the scientific skeptics and the conspiracy theorists. That is what we must concentrate upon not petty politics and silly mythology.


10 Responses to Why is there so Much Resistance to LENR?

  • Bernie Koppenhofer says:

    Rossi has been saying this for over two years, “the only way people will accept the E-cat is to see a working reactor that saves them money”

  • HkSbATVJz says:

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  • Farlie Paynter says:

    Barclays Bank was found guilty in Dec. 2013 of conspiring to set the Libor rate with ‘the rest of the pack.”

    • jennifer says:

      There is a difference between corruption and conspiracy. If conspiracy theories were true we would have never heard about the LIBOR scam. It would still be going on. Your example disproves conspiracy theories.

  • Chuck says:

    I think that talking about Rossi and Defkalion is very different from talking about LENR research.

    Where is one customer of the former who can attest to its operation? Not “Rossi says”, but a genuine customer. Or are we doomed to endless “confidential” claims? It would seem to me that it’d be simple for Rossi to create instant credibility–just install one of his reactors in a public building for inspection by the public. If it works, the establishment will have to answer. The same goes for Defkalion.

    I admire the LENR researchers who are trying to create and replicate fusion/reaction effects on a reliable basis. Maybe it will succeed–but the occasional anomalous event won’t cut it. It’s going to have to be “insert tab A into slot B; turn knob C and warm up” types of experiments that any idiot can perform and verify for him/herself that the effect is genuine.

    Otherwise, we’re debating the existence of the Tooth Fairy. Plenty of young children will claim firsthand experience with the being, but none can provide direct proof.

    • jennifer says:

      I agree. It is up to Rossi, Defkalion and every other LENR researcher to prove their claims. Rossi hasn’t installed his reactor any where be he doesn’t have a working reactor at this time.

  • Gian says:

    So, who says conspiracy theories are rubbish? How many times have I and many others tried to alert politicians, universities and green groups about this and other technologies and ideas. They totally ignored us and never even remotely considered any of these notions, while forever pushing for near useless solar and wind technologies. If the sky is falling as they claim, why are they not looking into other alternatives? They are all in bed with the buddies.
    You are saying that the “Evil Bankers” are just a fantasy, oh yeah? So, what about the people that I personally met, do they belong to my dreams?
    The reality is very different to the “conventional view” and world leaders are only a bunch of self indulgent rhetorical clowns and their opposing politicians are the same.
    Just to give you an example, the alarmists who were shouting the world over, about the massacre that was happening in Rwanda were largely ignored and treated like conspiracy theorists. The UN had a contingent on the ground at this time, which was restricted in terms of access and observation was forbidden. ALL possible means of information and communication resulted in the murder of 1.1 million poor souls. A constructed wall of silence was impenetrable.
    Where are those conspiracy theory knockers now?

    • jennifer says:

      Conspiracy theories are popular because they help people ignore the obvious truth that many individuals including many of our so called leaders are stupid, incompetent, corrupt or short sighted. They also help us avoid our own short coming. IE I didn’t vote for that bozo, or believe his lies. The evil bankers in the backroom foisted him on me. As I seem to recall the mess in Rwanda was well covered in the media. Bill Clinton did nothing about it because he was afraid he’d lose a few votes if an American soldier was killed in Africa.