2014: The Year in Cold Fusion

2014 turned out to be a really exciting year in low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) or cold fusion even if we didn’t get the breakthrough we wanted. The field made progress and took some surprising twists and turns.

The biggest and most important LENR story of the year had to be the entry of the American private equity firm Cherokee Partners into the cold fusion area. Cherokee purchased the rights to Andrea Rossi’s e-cat LENR device for $11 million and set up a company called Industrial Heat LLC to manage it.

This story is important because it shows that serious investors are interested in LENR and willing to put money into it. Hopefully many other investors will follow Cherokee’s Tom Darden into the field.

So far Industrial Heat has not unveiled a practical LENR device yet but it does seem to be laying a good ground work for commercialization. Hopefully they’ll unveil something in 2015.

A related notable story is that Andrea Rossi revealed yet another Third Party Report that stated the ecat is a nuclear device. The report also stated that the ecat is generating energy from heat and producing more energy than it took in. The report prepared by Giuseppe Levi and physics professors after a test in Lugano Switzerland produced some interesting effects.

One of the most intriguing of which was the claim by a Russian Physicist named Alexander G. Parkhomov that he had replicated the ecat. Parkohomov also claimed that he was able to make steam with his device.

Another big LENR story that some apparently missed was the Martin Fleischman Memorial Project’s claim that analysis of nickel powder used in its tests showed that a nuclear reaction had taken place. That seems to verify Francesco Celani’s claims that his device can achieve nuclear reactions. Further tests will be needed to verify this.

An even more exciting and intriguing development are the reports that Bill Gates, the world’s richest man is interested in LENR. The Italian media reported that Gates visited the Italian Agency for New Technologies or ENEA laboratories in Frascati to check out cold fusion research in November. Gates has long maintained that new energy sources will be needed to solve the world’s problems.

The hot fusion field also heated up in 2014 with Lockheed Martin’s admission that it is working a compact hot fusion device. That isn’t cold fusion but any interest in fusion is good news.

The world as Bill Gates pointed out needs all the energy it can get. Hopefully, 2015 will be remembered as the year in which the public became aware of fusion and cold fusion became a reality.

Something else you movie buffs might recall that 2015 was the feature year that the Michael J. Fox character Marty McFly “visited” in the movie Back to the Future II. McFly returned from that year with a compact fusion device called Mr. Fusion. Well we’re in 2015 and we don’t have a Mr. Fusion yet but we’re working on it. Hopefully it’ll be here next year.





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