The Cold Fusion E-cat dispute with Defkalion Green Technologies

Defkalion Green Technologies the Greek company that had a deal to manufacture and distribute Andrea Rossi’s e-cat cold fusion devices has broken its silence in a small way. Although no new formal announcements have been made from the company’s website, what looks like a formal statement from the company’s management has popped up on its forum. Interestingly enough the post is only addressed Defkalion GT SA and no executive claims credit for it.

Among other things, Defkalion stated that it has an industrial prototype that is ready for production. This would presumably be the Hyperion an e-cat that could be used for home heating, water heating and electricity production for homes. Defkalion states this prototype is based on Rossi’s work. It also stated it has completed version 7 of the prototype. The company did not announce when it plans to sell the prototype or publicly test it. It had promised to do this before the end of 2011.

Defaklion also promised that it will soon announce the results of its nickel hydrogen cold fusion research and development efforts. In the past the company’s officials have claimed they have successfully used units for industrial applications but provided no evidence.

The statement labeled a Defkalion GT announcement is dated October 10, 2011. It states that the technological breakthrough of low energy nuclear reaction is no longer speculation. Then it goes onto that mention that it has enhanced technology based on Rossi’s invention or similar inventions. It does not say what these inventions are or where they came from.

The statement claims that Defkalion has global financing, prepared business models for international expansion, a strong network of global contacts, and prepared legislative and certification procedures. Once again Defkalion seems to be making big claims but offering no proof of them.

For example the post claims the Defkalion has held what it calls direct business discussions with 62 interested companies. It also stated that it has talked to small industry and large energy players.

The forum post does not criticize Andrea Rossi who has implied that he plans to sue Defkalion. Instead it simply states that “we were surprised to see our old designs in public testing.” This could be a reference to Rossi’s well publicized October 6 e-cat test in Bologna, Italy. It stated the designs were implemented wrongly and insufficient instrumentation was used to monitor the tests.

Rossi showing his1MW e-cat generator off on October 6

The forum also claimed that special instruments that were designed by Defkalion and supposed to be kept confidential were publicly used at the test. This could mean that Defkalion is preparing its own legal action against Rossi.

It looks like things are about to get very interesting very fast.

2 Responses to The Cold Fusion E-cat dispute with Defkalion Green Technologies

  • Very interesting is a fact jennifer. On the side of obviosness something (e-cat) is real. It appears that this company Defkalion is wanting others to question; did Rossi have something going then went to Defkalion and they agreed to go forward together or did Defkalion have something and went to Rossi and agreed to go forward together.

    Hmm I wonder why a big company with so many offices would go to Rossi? And how did “their prototypes” (contended) get into the hands of a small inventor in comparison? There are many other things that were said by Defkalion in the beginning that now will be helpful to go through again.

    • jennifer says:

      I’m not sure Defkalion is a big company with many offices. It seems to be a bunch of guys in Greece with an impressive website. Something that anybody with a credit card and an e-lance account can get these days. They’ve made a lot of claims but I haven’t seen anything. At least Rossi has the guts to come out in public and show us what he has. Note, Brillouin seems to be in a better position but they play it close to the vest. They might just surprise us. One has to wonder where the patents or the technology came from.