A Couple of Fusion Milestones you probably missed

Keeping up on developments in the worlds of hot and cold fusion can be difficult because the mainstream media usually ignores those fields. To makes worse some of the bigger players in the field such as Andrea Rossi like to play things close to the vest.

Artists conception of Tri-Alpha's Fusion reaction.

Two major fusion developments in fusion that you probably missed in 2016 were an important step towards workable hot fusion and a fascinating interview with one of Andrea Rossi’s associates. Strangely enough one of the biggest hot fusion stories was ignored because it involved an obscure company in Southern California.

Tri-Alpha Energy managed to hold a globe of plasma that was superheated to 10 million degrees hot together for five milliseconds in August, The Orange County Register reported. That does not sound like much but it is the first time such a sustained fusion reaction has been held together for so long.

The reaction had to be turned off only because the machine ran out of power, Science magazine reported. That means Tri-Alpha achieved one of the key steps on the road to sustainable hot fusion.

Tri-Alpha; which is backed by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, is now running fusion experiments about 50 times a day that means it could be far closer to working hot fusion than we thought. The challenge now is to get a stable reaction that can be sustained, contained and controlled.

“I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe”

The work will be slow but steady, but it seems hot fusion could be far closer than we thought. Nor is it just hot fusion that could be closer than we think. Our friend Mats Lewan posted a fascinating interview with one of Andrea Rossi’s closest associates Fulvio Fabiani on November 25, 2015 at his An Impossible Invention Blog.

Fulvio Fabiani courtesy Mats Lewan.

Fabiani is a former Italian military officer who is an expert in information technology and computer science who has been working with Rossi since 2012. Fabiani was hired to improve the power supply for Rossi’s E-cat low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) device.

Fabiani was initially a skeptic but became a believer after seeing the e-cat in action. He confirmed that the e-cat is successfully producing steam. Fabiani also described some of the troubles Rossi has had with his one megawatt e-cat. A major problem was that more than just heat was needed to trigger a reaction. As at Tri-Alpha a lot of hit and miss was necessary, Rossi has apparently built as many as 20 other reactors.

Fabiani did reveal that the one megawatt e-cat reactor that Rossi is testing for Industrial Heat is running and producing steam every day. Fabiani is collecting about 1.5 million records of the reactions every day.

When asked what the future would hold, Fabiani wouldn’t know but he hinted that Rossi has a few other surprises up his sleeve. He predicted that Rossi will one day change the face of the Earth and provided a telling quote from Ridley Scott’s classic science fiction film Blade Runner – “I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe.”