A Few Energy News Stories You Probably Missed

There’s a lot of energy news going on out there much of which is not being covered by the mainstream media. Low energy nuclear reaction or LENR is simply the tip of the iceberg when it comes to big energy news going on these days.

Some huge energy stories you have probably missed include:

  • Bill Gates the world’s richest guy and the man behind Microsoft is interested in LENR or cold fusion. Press releases and news stories indicate that Mr. Gates visited the Italian Agency for New Technologies or ENEA in Frascati, Italy, examine LENR experiments being conducted there.

The Toyota Mirai, fuel cell cars are almost in your driveway.

  • Both Toyota and Honda are playing to market fuel cell powered cars in the United States and Japan. Honda’s FCX clarity fuel cell car will reportedly generate enough electricity to power your house for a week. Toyota’s Mirai will reportedly have similar capabilities. The Honda version will even be marketed with a power exporter device designed to power homes or businesses. Both vehicles are powered by electricity created with a hydrogen powered fuel cell and the emissions they put out is a thin cloud of water vapor.

The Honda Power Exporter will allow you to use a hydrogen fuel cell car as a rolling power plant.

  • Tesla Motors is quietly building a network of superchargers or filling stations for electric cars. Toyota and the French company Air Liquide are planning a similar network of filling stations for cars powered by hydrogen fuel cells. Tesla will face a serious problem with the superchargers, Seeking Alpha contributor Alberto Zaragoza Comendador noted that the electric car maker has not revealed how much it will cost to charge the electric vehicles at the chargers.


  • High electricity costs could derail Elon Musk’s plans to put millions of electric cars on the road. The expense of charging them could be incredible especially if Musk ends up having to generate his own electricity for those vehicles. That could prove an opportunity for companies like Industrial Heat LLC.


  • An Israeli company called StoreDot claims it has a nanotech device that could charge a smart phone with a full day’s power in just 30 seconds. That could charge a car in ten or twelve minutes. It goes without saying that such charging technology could create real problems for the utility industry and lead to electricity shortages by draining large amounts of power from the grid.
  • Energy prices could get far cheaper real soon, the CEO of the world’s largest oil company; Exxon-Mobile, Rex Tillerson has admitted that oil prices could fall as low as $40 a barrel. That means gasoline prices of around $1.58 a gallon and diesel fuel prices of $2.05 a gallon could be possible in the USA.


  • Peter Hagelstein and Dr. Mitchell Swartz of JET Energy will hold another of their The Cold Fusion 101: Introduction to Excess Power in Fleischmann-Pons Experiments courses at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) on January 20-23, 2015. This could be real important because at last year’s course, Swartz demonstrated his NANOR LENR technology and claimed that his Phusor cold fusion device had generated electricity by producing heat that operated a Stirling or hot air generator. He also claimed that another NANOR operated for a year in Hagelstein’s lab at MIT so something interesting things could be revealed there.  More information on the LENR college course can be found here.

Jet Energy's NANOR Phusor LENR Device

One has to wonder what else the media is not reporting on and how it could affect us.




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  • psi says:

    Great article! Thanks for bringing all those elements together. Having been vaguely aware of some of them brewing, it was nice to see the convergent force of these stories being recognized. Plaudites to the entire ColdFusionNow staff.