A Way to Invest in the Energy Catalyzer

Andrea Rossi and his partner Sergio Focardi at an E-Cat Demonstration in January

It is not possible to invest directly in Andrea Rossi’s Energy catalyzer cold fusion process. The company developing the technology, Rossi’s Leonardo Corporation and the two companies currently licensed to utilize it AmpEnergo and Defkalion Green Technologies are not publicly traded. That means you cannot buy shares in them at the present moment.

There is a way that average investors might be able to capitalize upon the energy catalyzer. Rossi’s device uses nickel to create a low energy nuclear reaction. Reports indicate that it needs nickel powder to operate. That means widespread use of the catalyzer could increase the demand for nickel.

There are some ways for average investors to invest in nickel. One is to invest in an exchange traded fund or ETF. Such a vehicle tracks invests in nickel futures. ETF shares can be bought and traded like stocks. There are two nickel ETFs currently being publicly traded in the US: the UBS Nickel Subindex, ticker symbol JJN which is based on nickel futures and Barclays Capital Nickel Pure Beta TR Index symbol NINI.

Another method would be to invest in nickel futures directly which are publicly traded on commodities exchanges. Unlike ETFs investing in futures requires you to open a commodities account.

A person could also invest in the stocks of nickel mining companies. Many of these are publicly traded and can be bought. There are also some ETFs that invest in the shares of mining companies.

Finally, a person could invest in stocks and ETFs including indexes centered around countries like Canada which have large nickel reserves. Canada has some of the world’s largest nickel mines, particularly around the city of Sudbury, Ontario, which is nicknamed the “Big Nickel.” Russia is currently the world’s largest nickel producer so investing there could be a good idea as well.

The Big Nickel in Sudbury, Ontario, a city sure to benefit from the nickel boom the energy catalyzer will trigger

Persons thinking of investing in nickel should do it quickly. When the mainstream media finally “discovers” Andrea Rossi and the energy catalyzer, nickel prices are going to sky rocket.

11 Responses to A Way to Invest in the Energy Catalyzer

  • stefan says:

    >Reports indicate that it needs nickel powder to operate.
    >That means widespread use of the catalyzer could increase
    >the demand for nickel.

    Yes, it could happen if majority of people are similarly “smart”- it is a nuclear reaction, the amount of consumed Ni would be a miniscule fraction of world nickel production even if in one day all electricity will be generated by Ecats…

    • jennifer says:

      People will just see it needs nickel and act accordingly. When the investors see the demand is not there the nickel prices will collapse.

  • You could also just buy nickles which are worth more than a nickle due to their copper and nickle content.

    I think it’s a good thing they aren’t public companies, that way they can’t be shorted out of existence by the oil companies and banksters who very much don’t want to see this succeed.

  • Jay says:

    …Or you could short copper futures.

    I agree with stefan: the amount of nickel used would be too small compared to other industrial uses.

    BTW, you should save your nickels. The nickel in them is worth more than face value.

    • jennifer says:

      Good point, of course commodities investors are not that rational. We do not know how much nickel will be used. Just that it is needed. Prices would collapse if the demand is not there.

  • daniel judd says:

    Why are we all obsessed with making money. This discovery is about cheap energy and bringing hope to the world. The last thing we want is for Nickel to sky rocket – we want cheap energy!!!

    • jennifer says:

      Well without money there would be no resources available to make that cheap energy with. I’m just pointing out how the markets will react to the news about the e-cat.

  • Mike says:

    Beside of nickel as a commodity, ecat industry will require a support industry of nickel purification, may be isotope based, factories to make nanopowder, etc.

  • Jesse says:

    It is all about perception not reality when speculating in nickel futures. I invested in JJN 5 weeks ago. Currently up $700.

  • John De Herrera says:

    We are very proud of you guys, Andrea Rossi and Sergio Focardi for your E-Cat development! Perhaps the E-Cat will bring great benefit to mankind by supplying abundant energy that we need. And we can retire the present very dangerous Nuclear Power Plants like those in Japan. We can also stop spending so much money on Fusion Reactors. It was some of those Fusion people who ridiculed cold fusion and tried to stop the research.
    John De Herrera

  • Thomas Babington Macaulay says:

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