Andrea Rossi and E-Cat Being Ignored by US Media

Andrea Rossi and his E-cat cold fusion process are being ignored by the mainstream media in the United States. So far the only coverage of Rossi’s potentially groundbreaking invention in the US has been here at  a right-wing website with a limited number of viewers and one article in Technology News a trade publication.

When Free Republic writer Ny Teknik had live chat with Rossi on March 11, 2011, questions poured in and they were positive. At least one respondent asked when he could buy an E-cat.

There was also one article at Technology News’ website by reporter Mike Martin. In the Feb. 22, 2011, Martin correctly reported on the successful demonstration by Rossi and Focardi in Milan of a cold fusion device. Unfortunately this story was not picked up by the major wire service in the US; the Associated Press, none of the large US newspapers, the national television networks or the major cable news channels so it was not given wide coverage.

The US media’s reluctance to report on anything related to cold fusion is understandable. Many reporters were burned in the late 1980s by charlatans Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischman who claimed to have developed a cold fusion device. Pons and Fleischman and their device were later exposed as frauds but the media falsely reported that the two had created working cold fusion.

It will probably take the manufacture and sale of a successful cold fusion device to get the US news media to pay attention to it. Until then, word will have to spread through alternative media and the internet.

The Technology News Story on E-Cat can be found here

3 Responses to Andrea Rossi and E-Cat Being Ignored by US Media

  • Stefan says:

    It is not a surprise at all; in case of Sputnik US could not play it down because it was beeping above; with Rossi they apparently exercise this option. I’m not sure what the mechanism behind why it is so “organizedly” ignored; probably it is a self-synchronous arrogancy+ conformism of US mainstream who did so well to discredit it in the past…, difficult to say for sure and frankly it is irrelevant – if it is for real it will prevail. The polonium is going to be the most healthy ingredient on the Rossi’s dinner table once Putin realizes the danger; Medvedev has made a right decision to leave this mess now (likely coincidence though)…

  • John De Herrera says:

    US Media is still paranoid about the intense ridicule of Pons and Fleshman in 1989. Andrea A. Rossi and Sergio Focardi have a system that works consistently and will be hard to discredit. Let the paranoid US News media hide in the bushes until they feel it is safe to talk about cold fusion. Rossi does not need the US News media to facilitate the introduction of his incredible technology.

    • jennifer says:

      I agree 100%, there is one major US reporter who has been following Cold Fusion, CBS’s Scott Pelley, I have a feeling he will be the first to publicize it. The media is right to be skeptical about such claims after all the nonsense that has been spread about green energy. Thanks for the intelligent commentary.