Andrea Rossi Replies to Brian Josephson

Andrea Rossi has replied to Nobel Prize winning Cambridge Physicist Brian Josephson’s demands for a scientific test of the e-cat cold fusion device. Josephson made an appeal to Rossi to have his device formally evaluated by scientists through the Italian publication Focus.It. Josephson was repeating an appeal made by prominent Italian physicist Francesco Celani and reports that the British Department of Energy and Climate Change had its science advisor review e-cat.

Rossi made a very intelligent reply and noted that a complete scientific examination of his device will be carried out by his alma matter prestigious University of Bologna. He also noted that he is willing to work with the DECC or any other government agency interested in testing or buying the E-cat.


Rossi stated he cannot meet Josephson’s demands because it would reveal what he considers his trade secrets to a potential competitor. Although this statement does not reveal why Rossi considers Celani a competitor, Celani is part of Cold Fusion Inc., a consortium of scientists from several countries organized to commercialize cold fusion. Rossi’s point is legitimate here it would be completely irrational for him to let Celani take a look at his designs etc. and then copy them.


Rossi also seems to think that the market will answer his critics, which is an interesting position. Rossi’s letter also seems to indicate he has to answer to outside parties such as investors. This is rather intriguing.

Dear Professor Josephson,
I do understand your concerns, but as I already explained, I am not going to give any other demonstration of the E-Cat because at this point it wouldn’t make any sense: we already got industrial manufacturing underway and the E-Cat is a ready product for the market. Our customers will buy a working device; if it didn’t work, they wouldn’t buy it. Besides, I’m in such a busy and demanding stage that, even if I wanted, I wouldn’t have the time to arrange any test.

Please allow me to underline that Professor Celani is not just a scientist, but a competitor too. This is one of the reasons I cannot accept his offer. The market plays by different rules than the academic world, and even if I realize that a scientist needs to know and understand the theory, I need to protect my invention, if not I could lose my job. Please try to understand my point, I don’t mean to disregard the scientific needs. I would like to remind everyone that we are working on that too: in my letter to Professor Celani, I explained that the University of Bologna is about to start a complete work of research on the E-Cat; not to mention that the positive feedback from a 30 years experienced customer should drive all doubts away.

Why are you suggesting me to take Francesco Celani’s offer? Don’t you think that a complete study from a university is precisely what is needed, with regard to the theoretical and engineering develop? Don’t you think that, with regard to the scientific praxis and credits, it would be more appropriate to rely on the university than on an individual researcher?

In summary, I don’t intend to give any other demonstrative test: the last one has been the one of Oct, 6th. We are selling plants to customers who run their own tests and decide whether to buy the E-Cat or not relying on their results: they don’t mind what’s inside the reactor. Meanwhile, the University of Bologna will take scrupulous care of the scientific work. If the DECC, or any other public or private organization, has taken an interest in this technology, I suggest them to get in touch and discuss any possible business agreement with me.

Thank you for your support and your balance in pointing out to me such important and sensitive questions.
Best regards
Andrea Rossi

Note the 30 years experienced customer Rossi is talking about could be the US military which he has had contracts with before.

Rossi and Focardi in the Lab courtesy Next Big Idea

Anybody interested in the development of e-cat should take a look at this video clip of Sergio Focardi, Rossi’s partner. Focardi is speaking at TedX a forum on technology held on October 15 in Bologna. In it he explains the development of the e-cat and his lecture seems to indicate that he had a lot more to do with its development than some have acknowledged.

He also does a good job of dropping hints about the science involved. Particularly intriguing are the pictures of the workshop where the device was developed.

10 Responses to Andrea Rossi Replies to Brian Josephson

  • Zephir says:

    The silly mainstream physicists ignored for twenty years the research of prof. Focardi and Piantelli, which claimed the GOP > 3 and it was perfectly documented in official journals of Italian Scientific Society. So why the hell the same physicists are interested about Rossi, who is claiming COP > 6?

    Does it makes so big difference?

    • jennifer says:

      They are paying attention because Rossi has a working machine. If e-cat is proven to work all sorts of articles with theories explaining cold fusion and why it works will magically appear in the mainstream physics journals. Note at least one of the phycists condemning Rossi will probably sue him claim he or she invented it first.

  • Tom says:

    Dear Andrea,

    I’d love having this working, we’ve got in my country terrible monopoly on energy and nuclear plants we use (although I’m found of) are not improving our neighbors relationships. It would also completely restructure otherwise healthy country off this monopoly strongly governed by moderately corrupt government.

    But if your genuine invention really works, why you Andrea simply don’t sell energy it produces to the grid as lots of people in Europe could – regardless it was of origin officially considered as ecological or not (I got several solar panels, selling its energy back to grid for several times more than one pays for toxic sources)?

    I’d really appreciate your answer. No answer helps as well – releases me from addiction of following this blog..:-)

    Cross u fingers, trust it works, but doubt usable

    Warm (or cold?:-) Regards, t.

    • jennifer says:

      Rossi has admitted he can’t generate electricity with it yet to sell to grid. Note the best way to compete may be to sell e-cat to people and businesses that want off the grid.

  • Brad Arnold says:

    There will come a point when Rossi’s manufacturing company can function on it’s own, and his time would be best spent traveling the talk show circuit popularizing his invention. True success for LENR will occur when giant corporations with mega R&D budgets comprehend the commercial reality of LENR – then we can eventually expect to see LENR integrated into all forms of products.

    Let me add that using LENR nickel is about half a million times as energy dense as oil, and there is more than a billion times as much nickel on Earth than oil (or coal, natural gas too). Obviously, LENR is the way to go once the psychological hurtle isurmounteded.

    • jennifer says:

      Absolutely right. There are more practical hurdles than psychological ones. Building a practical e-cat that actually works would be the best thing. If it works he will not need publicity. The Wright Brothers didn’t publicize the airplane until it actually flew. Nichola Tesla didn’t publicize his inventions but they eventually became the industry norm despite Thomas Edison’s media blitz. The talk show circuit is that last place for Rossi he needs to be in the workshop doing his job not hobnobbing with clowns like Dr. Phil. I think the big companies do comprehend it the US military does and so does the Chinese government. I imagine the Russians have working e-cat in Moscow right now (the KGB’s successors probably have Rossi’s workshop bugged). The secret is out. I imagine we’ll see several other cold fusion devices on the market in the next few months.

  • Luis says:

    Defkalion claims its Hyperion device has COP > 25.

  • Guy Parent says:

    COP= Coefficient of Power. Ratio of power output over power input. You put in 100 watts, you get 600 watts out.

    • jennifer says:

      Thanks I’m not an engineer. Although I think Rossi’s coefficient is lower than he wants. If true that’s interesting. Defkalion is getting 25 watts of energy for every watt put in.