Another “Official E-cat Website” Launched

Yet another website claiming to be the “official e-cat website” has popped up on the Internet. which bills itself as “E-cat Revolution” seems to offer cold fusion products for sale. It also contains an inquiry form for persons interested in e-cat. This site claims to be in “association with Andrea Rossi.”

The generating units inside the 1MW e-cat as seen at Courtesy

This is the second time in less than a week that an “official e-cat” website has appeared. The other Leonardo E-cat claimed to be official but was really the work of Sterling Allan who runs Pure Energy Systems. Rossi apparently approved it but later disavowed it and tried to have it take down. Allan has claimed editorial responsibly for the site and is now operating it idependently.


A disclaimer on the site calls this a “corporate website” but does not identify the corporation. It does not appear that Rossi’s Leonardo Corporation is running this site. Nor does it appear that AmpEnergo is running it. Interestingly enough the disclaimer on the bottom states the site is governed by the laws of the United States which would indicate it is based in the USA. Rossi does have a home in Miami and has operated a company in the US before.


It is unclear who is running this website, Sterling Allan asked Andrea Rossi about it and Rossi said it was the “Northern European Licensee.” That’s particularly interesting because this is the first we’ve heard of a Northern European Licensee. He did not name that individual or company or what country they are based in. The only known relationship Rossi has in Northern Europe is with Sweden’s Uppsala University which will apparently be one of two universities doing e-cat research. The other is Rossi’s Alma Matter the University of Bologna.


The site does contain a list of products including the 1MW e-cat unit for industrial water heating and it does mention a home e-cat unit. Like Leonardo E-cat it does picture a mockup of this device which looks nothing like the one at Leonardo E-cat. There’s also an energy use calculator.

Another concept drawing of a 5KW E-cat for home use Courtesy

The site also states that the energy density in the e-cat would be 2 millions times higher than oil. It also states that a liter of e-cat fuel could has as much energy as 100 tank trucks of oil. It mentions the possibility of using steam from e-cat to generate electricity something Rossi himself has said will not be possible for a few years.


A frequently asked question page states that the home e-cat unit will be available by 2013. It also states that you can get an e-cat right here by filling out the enquiry form. It also states you will get a 1MW e-cat about three months after ordering one.

Also contained are videos including an interview with Mats Lewan the reporter from the Swedish publication Ny Teknik who has done a lot of e-cat coverage and Roland Pettersson a Senior Lecturer in Analytical Chemistry at Uppsala University. Both Lewan and Pettersson were present at Rossi’s October 6 e-cat demo in Bologna.


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