Benefits of Electric Power Generation by LENR

Low energy nuclear reaction devices like the ecat and Brillouin’s boiler could revolutionize the electric power industry in a way some people are not seeing. They could bring sources of electricity right to the places where they are needed.

Coal fired power plant in Glen Lyn, Virginia, LENR plants wouldn't need the smokestacks.

Cold fusion devices produce no air pollution and present no radiation hazard so they can be located almost anywhere. This means that there would be no giant concrete containment vessels or massive smokestacks so the plants would not require that much space. That means an LENR power plant for Manhattan could be buried right underneath the city’s streets or placed in the basement of one of the skyscrapers.

Another savings is that no massive railroad or pipeline infrastructure would be needed to deliver coal, oil or natural gas to the plant. That means plants could be built in a lot places where it’s not economical to build them today. In many cities you might not have to build new structures for LENR steam plants they could be put into existing buildings such as old warehouses or empty factories.

Long Distance Electric Transmission Lines

A new LENR power plant for New York City could even be placed in an old warehouse or factory in the South Bronx. That means new power plants could be built right in urban areas eliminating the need for the massive power grid and all of its transformers. This would also be far more efficient because a large percentage of the electricity we generate is lost when it’s transmitted over long distances.

Yet another savings would be construction costs there would be no smoke stack or containment structure to build. Nor would there be any storage facilities for coal, spent fuel rods etc. That means it not only cost less to build the plants but it would take a lot less time to build them. Another savings would be less red tape because there would be fewer permits required and fewer lawyers.

A steam turbine for generating electricity using LENR it could be placed anywhere even in old warehouses or empty office buildings.

Even bigger savings could be created by replacing the boilers in existing power plants with LENR units as Brillouin’s Roberts Godes has suggested. That would eliminate pollution and greatly reduce operating costs yet using existing boilers, turbines and transmission systems.  It could also keep older power plants that are being closed by new more stringent regulations open and generating power.

The Associated Press is reporting that 32 power plants in the US could shut down because of new pollution regulations in the next few years. This will deprive Americans of 14.7 gigawatts of electricity. Many of these facilities are located are in small towns where local governments depend on them for revenue.

Hopefully LENR electricity generation technology will be available soon. In a post on his blog Andrea Rossi has said he and his team have looked into the legality of getting authorization for a power plant. This would presumably for the 45 megawatt ecat plant that would use a Siemens steam turbine to generate electricity. In the United States, Robert Godes of Brillouin said that he hopes to be able to develop an LENR unit that would be capable of replacing coal fired boilers in existing power plants within two years.

Hopefully these claims are true because we need a low cost alternative to today’s dirty power generation technology. One that can produce enough electricity to actually meet our needs.


2 Responses to Benefits of Electric Power Generation by LENR

  • Michelangelo says:

    I think LENR will not need networks, it will be like for cars. Every car have own energy. Networks of energy are expensive and very easy to be controlled from sharks. The free energy is not only a clean energy, but overall a not CONTROLLED energy.

    • jennifer says:

      I agree with you networks are expensive. That is why the grid will disappear. There maybe local grids for supplying cities etc. PS it will not be free as I have pointed out several times. It will be cheaper which be better. There is no such thing as free energy. Only cheaper energy.