Bologna E-Cat Test a Success

Andrea Rossi’s test of a 1 megawatt e-cat cold fusion unit on Thursday, October 6 in Bologna was apparently successful. Reporter Mats Lewan from the Swedish newspaper Ny Teknik reported that the e-cat was able to generate heat and maintain the heat for over three hours. This indicates that Rossi has achieved a successful cold fusion reaction.

Rossi at the October 6 e-cat test

Continuous production of heat is important because it would be necessary to produce steam. The steam would be used to generate electricity and run machinery including ships or trains. Lewan reported that the test proved the e-cat could produce steam. The e-cat ran in a facility at the University of Bologna for about three and half hours without help from external energy. It required about 2.7 kilowatts of electricity to fire up the ecat for the test (source Lewan also stated the test showed the e-cat generated the equivalent of two to three kilowatts of electricity.

Lewan said that physics professors and engineers from the US, Sweden, Italy, Japan and China attended the test. However he only identified two of them Roland Petterson whom he described as a retired lecturer in physics from Uppsala University in Sweden and Sven Kullander another Swedish physicist who has been working with Rossi for several months. Lewan did not say if any other members of the media attended the event. Nor did he say whether a European Union patent examiner attended, Rossi had invited the official.

E-cat equipment tested on October 6

Petterson told Ny Teknik that he is convinced that the e-cat works but said further measurements are necessary. Ny Teknik reports that Petterson has engaged in low energy nuclear reaction research in the past.

Deal with US Organization could be Off
Rossi told Ny Teknik that he is not planning more tests because his “product will be on the market in a few months.” He also made some statements that indicates the four month e-cat test which was going to be conducted an unreleased location in the US by an unidentified organization is apparently off. Rossi told Lewan that the test in the US has been cancelled or postponed because his lawyers did not like the agreement his US partner wanted him to sign.

2 Responses to Bologna E-Cat Test a Success

  • Alex says:

    What the mess with numbers! A 1 mega-watt device produced “the equivalent of two to three kilowatts of electricity” after it has consumed “about 2.7 kilowatts”. So the gain is negative?? The enegry is not mesured in kilo-watts guyes, it is measured in kilowatts multiplied by hours.

  • admin says:

    Alex, read carefully, it’s written 2.7kw just to “to fire it up” !