Brillouin Inventor Shares Some Interesting Thoughts on LENR

The man behind Brillouin’s low energy nuclear reaction technology shared some interesting thoughts on the nature of cold fusion and the science behind it. Robert Godes the President and Chief Technology Officer of Brillouin Energy Corporation broke his long standing silence and voiced some interesting opinions on Gary Hendershot’s Smart Scarecrow Show on Sept. 13.

The interview in which Brillouin’s CEO Bob George also participated is well worth watching. Godes revealed something of his sciences and thoughts. He also discussed his rivals Andrea Rossi and Defkalion and their LENR efforts.

Some of the most important points made by Godes included:

  • Most LENR experimenters and inventors fail because they don’t understand the physics underlying the process. This includes Andrea Rossi.


  • Godes thinks Rossi is achieving an LENR effect with his ecat but is unable to control it. Instead Rossi is generating a large amount of heat and the ecat is literally burning up.


  • Godes believes Defkalion is closer to commercializing LENR than Rossi because that firm’s researchers have a better grasp of the underlying physics.

  • Unlike Rossi Brillouin is generating stable outputs of heat that it can control it.



  • He said the heat is generated by electron capture. The energy is released when electrons are compressed to create something called a Hamiltonian. I don’t know enough about physics to know if this valid or not but it is the explanation Godes is giving to the public.


  • “Instead of nuclear power we’ve got a nuclear freezer,” Godes said. He noted that in his process tritium becomes hydrogen 4. He also claimed that deterenium turns into tritium. Godes said he was achieving resorts similar to those achieved by atom smashers using plasma.’


  • “We say we are doing a controlled electron capture reaction,” Godes said to describe his experiments. Godes said all LENR experiments involve controlled electron capture reaction.


  • The Brillouin process is superior to some competitors because it uses nickel as the catalyst to create the reaction rather than more expensive palladium and deutronium, George said.


  • Like Rossi, Godes is working on two versions of his technology a lower temperature boiler that will be used for residential and commercial water heating and heating and a high temperature hydrogen hot tube unit that will create steam for electricity generation.


  • Godes admitted that neither of these devices had been perfected yet but he expects one of them to be commercialized within the next year.


  • The hot tube will actually generate higher temperatures than nuclear reactors so it can be used to replace coal fired boilers in power plants.


  • George said Brillouin needs to raise more venture capital to finance the commercialization. That indicates the company has spent the $20 million in venture capital it raised last year.


  • The secret to Brillouin’s success is proprietary electronics invented by Godes, George said.


  • The only consumables used in Brillouin’s process are nickel and hydrogen, Godes said. He noted that the nickel last a long time so the only thing that will need to be replenished is hydrogen.


  • The hydrogen hot tube device is being tested at the SRI laboratory in California. The hot tube being tested can generate 30 kilowatts of heat or thermal energy. The device requires 300 watts of electricity to generate 30 kilowatts of heat. Hendershot estimated the device would generate 10 kilowatts of electricity by running a turbine.


  • Godes and George are working with Dr. David Sloan a top patent attorney in California. George said Sloan was so impressed by Godes science that he took equity in Brillouin in lieu of legal fees. That means Sloan is so sure of the device he is willing to forgo money.


It looks like exciting things are happening at Brillouin expect more news from them real soon. One has to wonder what Rossi’s reaction will be.


5 Responses to Brillouin Inventor Shares Some Interesting Thoughts on LENR

  • AlainCo says:

    PESN say LENR-Cars/LENR-Invest visited Brillouin? any details?

    • AlainCo says:

      just FYI , the PESN article paragraph I refer to:
      “They also recently met with a group from LENR-Cars and LENR-Invests, primarily of Switzerland, including my friend Nicolas Chauvin, who were impressed with the technology.”

  • Liberty Newspost says:

    The 20 million dollars is not a direct cash investment. That money is to be used to start a stranded assets energy production plant. I money for Research and Development is a separate matter.

  • J Rosback says:

    Suggestion to the Hamiltonian; If neutron matter is subatomic and the proton creation process to matter is a kind of condensation the adding of a few % He-4 to the H-2 could improve the Ni-transmutation.