British Government Shows Some Interest in E-cat

Her Majesty’s Government seems to have shown some interest in Andrea Rossi’s e-cat cold fusion device or fusor. The Free Energy Truth Blog contacted the British Department of Energy & Climate Change or DECC and actually got a response. The DECC is the UK cabinet department responsible for national energy policy.

Here’s the response:

DECC is aware of this alleged power source: the DECC CSA, David MacKay FRS, has read some of the literature and has met Sven Kulander, who has reviewed an experiment and whose report is on the Defkalion website. The CSA‘s judgment is that it is appropriate for DECC to maintain a watch on this sector, with the key trigger for further action being the publication of the work in a reputable peer-refereed journal, including full details so that academic scientists can replicate the results.”

Yours sincerely,
Sandra Bembridge

DECC Correspondence Unit

The David McKay FRS (Fellow of the Royal Society) the message talks about is a Professor of Natural Philosophy that teaches in the Department of Natural Physics at Cambridge University. He is also Chief Scientific Advisor to the DECC. It was in that capacity that he reviewed the e-cat. It indicates that major governments are taking e-cat seriously and investigating it.

This is really good news it indicates serious high level interest. It also means that a top science advisor to the British government has actually investigated Rossi’s claims. He has met with Sven Kullander one of the few scientists who has observed Rossi’s work first hand. The part at the bottom is double talk. If e-cat works, DECC will rush to buy it whether there’s a peer review or not.

Another Cambridge professor Nobel Prize winning Physicist Brian Josephson who has voiced belief for Rossi’s claims in the past has come out and asked Rossi to work with Her Majesty’s Government. He sent Rossi this e-mail which is also posted at Free Energy Truth

Dear Andrea,
It appears that the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), unlike its US counterpart, has an open mind regarding your reactor, and acting upon Francesco Celani’s suggestion from the Focus magazine’s pages is likely to have a beneficial outcome by dispelling any doubts they may have. Is not the likelihood of endorsement from an institution such as the DECC of interest to you?
Regards, Brian Josephson

The British government does appear to be more open minded than the US government. The US Department of Energy has dismissed Cold Fusion even though the US military is interested in it. US Naval officers have visited Andrea Rossi and there are reports that the Pentagon’s science agency or DARPA was th e first customer for E-cat.

It would be interesting to see what the British military particularly the Royal Navy thinks of E-cat. It’s also interesting to note that this development comes right after a UK company Hydro Fusion was organized to sell e-cat technology in Northern Europe.